Beta Reader Discussion

There’s a discussion today on Debra Martin’s Two Ends of the Pen blog about beta readers and how different authors regard them.

I took part and so did T. L. Haddix. It was interesting to me to see how very differently some of us regard this part of getting a book ready to go.


One Response to Beta Reader Discussion

  1. mesadallas says:

    Hi, Ellen,

    I’ve been so bogged down at work and home projects it’s been a while since I’ve checked in.
    I have agree with your beta readers about the make-up of the heroine. Romance novels are almost always from the woman’s perspective so a heroine who is strong yet not bitchy is pretty much what I am also drawn to. I can’t stand the totally helpless ones who can’t do a thing for themselves. It’s fine to need the protection of the hero both physically and mentally, but she shouldn’t be unable to function unless he’s there to do everything for her; and I’ll bet historically, women in the west were pretty strong characters- they had to be.

    So how many Beta readers do you have?

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