Woo Hoo! News.

Sing My Name is on its way to beta readers. In fact I emailed a pdf to one and have already had feedback. So now while it’s out to those readers, I have to come up with a cover. My first idea was for a cover along the lines you see for some romances that have a still life arrangement of items on a pretty background. One scene in the book involves a coffee pot, spurs, and a gold pocket watch, and I thought those items could be arranged to make an attractive cover. The problem is that the main purpose of a cover for a book like mine is to attract interest on Amazon in thumbnail size, and IMO a cover like that doesn’t work because the items aren’t clear enough on the thumbnail. So back to the drawing board.

My internet connection at home is dial up, so my netbook and I are going to have to spend some time at the library using the high speed wifi there to look at images until I find something appealing. That’s all that happened for Eyes. I searched until I found the image of the guy leaning against the shed and that image appealed enough to give me ideas about how to manipulate it for a cover for a historical.


One Response to Woo Hoo! News.

  1. McD says:

    Although the idea for a cover with items you mentioned arranged on a table (say) is excellent, I agree you are going to have to make it more like the cover of ‘Eyes’ simply because of the small size. Pity though, the coffee pot, spurs and goldwatch sounded good.

    Looking forward to the release of ‘Sing My Name’.

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