Opinions Anyone?

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been working on a cover and other graphics for Sing My Name for the past several days. Over on the right, I posted a draft cover. It’s low resolution – made from the sample versions of graphics that iStock allows you to download without buying. I haven’t bought images and committed to anything yet.

Because I don’t want to put thoughts in anyone’s head, I’m not going to say what my own thoughts are, just ask for opinions and see if any of you feel strongly enough one way or another to post a comment.


Oh, P.S. It occurs to me that a reminder about the story itself would be in order: story starts in 1867 in Texas and ends in 1875 in New Mexico. This cover would be a representation of the first part of the story when the H/h are young survivors of a Comanche attack in Texas.


14 Responses to Opinions Anyone?

  1. Christina says:

    Ellen, the cover for Sing MY Name looks good to me except I don’t care for pink writing. How about dark blue for the title and your name in white? I think these two people do look like young people and based upon your story synopsis given here that is what you wanted to convey.

  2. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for answering. Since no one else has, let me say that what my concerns are these: I think the landscape says western but not strongly and the couple plus pink writing says romance, but nothing says western historical. Of course the description does that, but does the cover need to also? I thought about a line of a western motif border around the title or some small pics of cowboy hat, boots, etc., but aside from the fact I don’t like fussy, those things wouldn’t be very clear in thumbnail size.

    As to the pink – I tried every color under the sun. I liked some of the dark colors. Maroon for instance looked pretty classy to me, but it doesn’t look like a romance cover any more and I didn’t like having the title and author name in different colors.

    If I get time later today maybe I’ll put up a couple other versions just for show.


  3. mesadallas says:

    Hi, Ellen. I started to comment last night but then the phone rang and I didn’t get back. Your thoughts are pretty much exactly what I was thinking. If I was looking for a western historical I would probably pass Sing My name right on by because to me it looks like a contemparary novel about teens which wouldn’t interest me at least. What caught my immediate attention about eyes cover was that I could tell without a second thought that this was a western historical due to the cowboy hat, posture of the cowboy, and the dress of the woman. I would much rather see thye main characters as adults rather then teens- otherwise I wiould still think the story is about teens and that would lose my interest. Also, the cover of eys had sex appeal- the way the cowboy was poised. I think the colors are fine- and the idea of shadows is good- it coulld even be your trademark- something that would immediatly identify you as the author.

    Bottom line- it needs a little more work but you are getting there.

  4. mesadallas says:

    Oh, man.. wish there was an edit button. I typed my post at work. I had about 40 seconds before I had to pick up my students from music. Please forgive the typos! I really do know how to spell.

  5. Sadly I think I agree, although the silhouette of the 2 does strike me as sexy (don’t I remember that you prefer old lovers, mesadallas?). What I agree with and what bothered me enough to ask for opinions is the fact it doesn’t say western clearly enough and doesn’t say historical at all. Drat. It’s very evocative of the first part of the book.

    At least I do have the graphics for the interior done now. Don’t know if anyone but me notices, but I have small graphics on the title page of both Rottweiler Rescue and Eyes and then the same one at the end. I’m not sure I’m going to use the same cowboy on rearing horse for Sing, but the book is divided into 3 sections, and I have a dated title page (subtitle page?) for each section and wanted a suitable graphic for each one. I have those now and like each one. So it’s all down to cover.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Depends on what you consider “old.” 40’s- not old. 60’s or over -no, thanks.

    The silhouette of the two is a good idea if there could be a way to put a cowboy hat on the male. That would help, but they still look too young to grab my interest as a reader of historical romance. What I liked about eyes was that the guy looked like he could be anywhere from late twenties to in his forties.

  7. mesadalas says:

    I like older lovers in their 30’s and 40’s.

    I have an idea. Remember the movie poster for Gone With the Wind where Rhett is holding Scarlett in her arms? You could use a male and female in silhouette in the same pose- the male on the left and the female on the right. Put a cowboy hat on the male and put the woman’s hair in a bun or on her head. This would say “western hitorical, it would be really sexy, and it wouldn’t make the main characters look like teeny-boppers.

  8. The problem is a cowboy hat won’t fit with them that close. The hat brim would be in her face. I tried putting a cowboy hat on his back in the way they go if they’re hanging on the back, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t really do what I wanted.

    The original profiles have her with her hair down, not in a braid. I changed to the braid because in the story he does braid her hair, but it does make her look younger – the people in that original profile aren’t teenagers by a shot. I’d guess mid-20’s and Matt and Sarah are 20 and 22 when the story starts. But that’s all irrelevant. It’s the impression that counts, and I need to go back to the drawing board.

  9. I kind of think I remember the poster you’re referencing. Keep in mind I’m limited here by my own lack of artistic talent and what software I have. I also think something really hot on the cover would be misleading because my books are maybe warm by romance standards but definitely not hot.

  10. mesadalas says:

    Yes, I can see how a cowboy hat might not work with a couple in an embrace. A couple embracing isn’t misleading at all- it’s very appropriate for a romance novel. I actually like the cover you have- I just don’t think it’s the right one for Sing.

    And don’t sell yourself short on your artistic talent. You did a great job on eyes! Keep messing with it- you’ll get the one you know is right!Sort of like house hunting.

  11. Christina says:

    I agree thaat to convey tha this is definitely a Historical the man should have on a cowboy hat. That would make him seem older. These two definitely convey the impression of teens. Perhaps find a position for the two of them other than an embrace. How about side by side on horseback?

  12. Christina says:

    Ellen, I found this pic and it says that all pics from this site are available for book covers.


    The girl might need a longer dress. It id just a thought.

  13. Thanks for looking, but I found a cowboy I like and made another female figure the way I made Anne. So now I’m searching for background again, and I think I found something that might work but have to mess with it to see. Covers really are a PITA.

    I never looked for on horseback because, even though this is a western, Sarah is never on horseback once in the whole book. I hadn’t thought about that before I saw your post, but it’s true. In stages, wagons, and carriages but never on horseback.

  14. Christina says:

    No matter, Ellen. Glad to hear that you found pics that you like.

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