Late Christmas Presents

Edit 12/31: Last evening and today I no longer could find the paperback of  Sing by searching the title. I had to put in the ISBN number (1456450913) to bring it up. However, today the description is up and the paperback and Kindle edition are linked, although the reviews don’t show for the paperback version yet. So the easiest way to get to the paperback is to bring up the Kindle edition’s page and then click on the paperback link. My guess is the search problem will disappear in the next few days. It’s odd to me the way books come up little by little on Amazon like this. As a former IT person, I’d love to know why that is, but much as I love Amazon, I’m not going to apply for a job there to find out.

Also, while I know most of you who follow here are romance readers, I also know at least a few of you have also read my mystery, Rottweiler Rescue. Red Adept is doing best books of 2010 on her blog, and Rott Rescue was her #1 Runner Up in the mystery category (that means 4th overall as she gave 3 places).

* * *

As of last night when I checked, the paperback version of Sing My Name is up on Amazon. You have to search the title, and it doesn’t come up at the top of the search result with the Kindle version but about 5 down the list, but it’s there. It also doesn’t have a description yet and isn’t linked to the Kindle version, but that will come over the next few days.

AND when I opened my email this morning, there was a message from Lee Brewer of All About Romance telling me a review of Sing is up on their site. She gave me a link to the review, but that link takes you to the full review. Better, IMO, on their home page, there is an image of Sing‘s cover together with the beginning of the review and a link to the entire thing. AND the reviewer rates Sing as a DIK (Desert Isle Keeper)! I didn’t think AAR did reviews of indie books so this is a super surprise in several ways.

For those of you who like taking part in romance forums, but who have given up on the Amazon ones, All About Romance seems like a pretty nice place. I haven’t joined because there are discussions on both my books so it seems sticking my nose in wouldn’t be right, although it looks like they have an author area and someday I’ll get around to checking that out. There really are too many neat online places to keep up with them all.

Happy New Year, everyone!


6 Responses to Late Christmas Presents

  1. Kristie says:

    That’s great you got on all about romance. I just wish reviewers would hold off on the “readers digest condensed version” of the book. Giving away so much of the story ruins that all important element of surprise! However, I’m very glad for you to be added to their site. And on the home page no less, congrats again!

  2. I agree with you that my favorite kind of review is like yours, but the story summary kind seem to be pretty common, and I’ve given up worrying about it. My guess is most people are like me – if I start a review that seems to be telling more of the story than I want to know ahead of time, I skim to the conclusion and don’t really read every bit.

    What surprises me more is how many people do the story summary and get things wrong. Each reader really does see things in an individual way, even the factual happenings in a story. I think I’m finally getting used to that too.

    The very biggest surprise for me in that review is that she rated it Hot for sensuality. I really think my books are pretty mild in that department, but that’s probably another thing that depends on the individual reader and their own spectrum of reading.

    Edit: After posting this I took the time to read the descriptions of the AAR rating system and now I understand the rating. They go right from Warm to Hot and Burning is their hottest rating. That’s kind of a who’s on first sentence, but you get the idea. ~Ellen

  3. mesadallas says:

    Wonderful, Ellen! I just looked at the site. I was able to read the review and I really liked it. I don’t think it gives away too much at all. It sets up a good summation to get potential reades interested and also gave the reviewer a chanc to say why she liked the book- what set it apart from others.

    I tried to get into the forums to read the reader discussions but I think they must be having some site problems because my computer wouldn’t go past the halfway loading mark. I tried getting on my husband’s computer- same thing. I’ll try again later so I can join in and perhaps answer some questions. I know some people are probable wondering if the paperback is out yet.

    Well, it is raining cat’s and dogs here and is supposed to continue for the next two days. This has caused my Saturday horseback outing to be pushed back intil the 7th as the roundpen, pasture, and dirtroad have turned into complete mud. Our soil is very hard in Arizona-more like clay so when it rains the water doesn’t sink in. Sigh. I was so looking forward to Saturday. Oh, well. I guess it will make the anticipation of the following Saturday all the more sweet.

  4. mesadallas – I agree that it’s a really great review. Of course I’m not a very objective critic of good reviews of any of my books. 🙂 A lot of readers must have liked it because Sing sold its first paperback copies today in spite of barely being up on Amazon and it sold more copies just today on Smashwords than any of my books usually do in a month.

    It’s hard to tell about Kindle sales because the whole month of December has been a dream and the days since Christmas have left me wondering if I’m in some alternate reality. There really are a lot of new Kindlers out there buying things right and left. Since I don’t believe it can possibly last, I hate to see the calendar flip to January.

    I had trouble a minute ago getting to AAR too. Do you suppose it’s all the oodles of people flooding the site because of my reference here? Ho ho.

    Sorry about your rained out horseback outing. We have clay soils here too (among other kinds), and they can be slippery and the mud can build up on your boots like wet concrete. Your weather can’t stay bad forever. ~Ellen

  5. McD says:

    Congratulations. What a brilliant review at AAR.
    Hope they go back and review ‘Eyes’ as well. I also was a little bemused by the ‘hot’ rating. Thanks for explaining their sensuality rating. Makes sense now.

    Happy New Year. And all the best for 2011.

  6. mesadallas says:

    I noticed the “Hot” rating right away, too and had to chuckle. If we were talking movies here I’d rate Sing an R, so I guess that’s what qualifies a “Hot.”

    Sounds like a lot of people may have decided upon your books to give for Christmas or like myself, had some time off work to curl up with a really good book. Of all the choices they picked yours, Ellen! Good job, and you deserve to be floating in a cloud!

    No, the weather here won’t stay bad much longer. One thing about Arizona, when we do have bad weather it moves out quickly. By next Monday we’ll be back to beautiful blue skies and probably close to 70 degrees.

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