On Red Adept Today

I really meant to post last night but of course got busy and forgot. Today is the day the Sing banner and excerpt (for those who click) are on Red Adept’s blog. It is, at least IMO, rather funny because there’s the banner for a western historical right below a review of what looks from the cover to be a very sci-fi book.

Also, Deb Martin occasionally has what she calls author panels on her blog, Two Ends of the Pen. She asks 6-8 authors to answer a particular question about their books. I’ve participated before, but this particular question is one I’m curious to see the others’ answers to myself – she asked how we come up with our book titles. The panel is going to be posted on January 27th, and I’ll try to remember to post a reminder on the 26th for anyone who wants to take a look.


6 Responses to On Red Adept Today

  1. mesadallas says:

    Looks great Ellen. Your answer to how you can=me up with Sing my name should be interesting . LOL.

  2. Let’s just say it’s truthful and it’s PG. ~Ellen

  3. mesadallas says:

    If it’s PG maybe it should have been Hum My Name 🙂

  4. McD says:

    Actually Ellen I’m interested not HOW you came up with the name for Sing – I already know since I’ve read the book. But WHY.

    Afterall, knowing the difficulty you have with writing certain parts of your stories, I was surprised when I first read Sing, to realise where the title came from.

  5. Now, one can always tell the truth without telling the whole truth. 🙂 yourself.

  6. mesadallas says:

    Blush. I’ll take the fifth. 🙂

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