More Voting and Contests and Prizes

The information below was posted in an indie author forum. Admittedly my plodding linear mind doesn’t quite follow. They are having a “Grand Opening” in March, but the site is already up and exists and you can go there. So is it a “Grand Re-Opening?” Whatever the mechanics, this one looks as if there are some goodies for readers available, so some of you may want to look around on the site.


The Romance Reviews (“TRR”) is going to be celebrating its Grand Opening in the month of March 2011, a great month to celebrate love and romance, and we want you to be a part of it!

We’re preparing for a month-long carnival of fun with prizes galore and lots of exciting activities. We’re designing a special Grand Opening page, but the activities will take participants all over the review site. Moreover, our activities are designed to provide more exposure to your books and author branding and recognition. We’ll be advertising this event to our newsletter subscribers and to our more than 6,500 Facebook and 10,000 Twitter followers.

More than $1,000 worth of prizes would be given away in weekly and monthly draws! Prizes include the Amazon Kindle, gift certificates, ad packages, book giveaways and lots more! More details to come.

What kind of activities and how do authors participate?

#1 Simple Q&A

·      Readers will be shown questions with multiple-choice answers.
·      Every correct answer will give them one chance to win the grand prize.
·      Each day, a set number of unique questions will be posted.
·      Contribute the questions, the multiple choices and the correct answer to TRR.
·      Questions can be based on your books, your personal life, books you’ve read or whatever you want.
·      TRR reserves the right to refuse to post a question, but you will be given the reason and the chance to submit a substitute question.

#2 Commenting

·      Every comment in The Lounge and Books and Authors’ and Reviewers’ Walls will give participants one chance to win the grand prize.
·      Visit the mentioned pages now and then during the Grand Opening month (March) to join in the discussion

#3 Checking out the Featured Books of the Day
·      Readers who visited the featured books of the day will have three additional chances for the grand prize for each featured book visited.
·      Only authors who purchased the Grand Opening Author Ad Package can participate in this activity. More details below.

#4 Book Voting
·      Readers are encouraged to vote for the book/s they most enjoyed reading for the year 2010.
·      To prevent indiscriminate voting (such as a person voting for a certain book several times), each IP address is allowed to vote for a certain book only once.

·      All books are eligible for nomination as long as it’s published in 2010. Just to clarify, there is no need to purchase an ad for your book to be nominated.
·      If your book is nominated, you will receive an email informing you of the nomination and you will also be given a button to place on your website or blog.
·      As authors, you are allowed to vote as well, because you are also readers!
·      Spread the news. Encourage your readers and fans to vote for your book/s.
·      Authors who won in each category will receive a special winner button that you can place on your website or blog.
·      Authors who garnered the top three highest number of votes in each category will be eligible to participate in a drawing of ad packages from TRR!



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  1. mesadallas says:

    Here’s to another great year ahead!

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