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P.S. 2/24/11 – Eyes also got a very nice mention in the Buried Treasures of 2010 section. It’s another article at AAR full of references to books worth looking into.

2/18/11 – Those of you who follow along here know I’ve become a big fan of All About Romance. Yes, of course, it’s because they’ve said nice things about my books. However, it’s also because in their moderated forums even when a reader is critical or doesn’t like one of my books, that’s just what it is, an expression of opinion. There’s no shrieking or accusations thrown around, and it makes for a pretty nice environment. In all the threads I’ve read over there, even when there’s strong disagreement it never degenerates into nastiness, and that’s a real plus.

So I’m back on this topic today because they just published their “Reviewers’ Choice: Best Book of 2010.” No, neither Eyes nor Sing got the nod, but each did get a really complimentary mention, along with quite a few other romances (they say there were no clear favorites this year). The results of the readers’ choice poll will be out soon, I think, and in the meantime, the reviewers’ favorites makes a good list of books to check out.


5 Responses to More AAR

  1. mesadallas says:

    Congratulations, Ellen! The fact that two different reviewers chose both of your works as their picks is phenominal!

  2. McD says:

    Yes, ditto what mesadallas said Ellen. Both of your (romance) books mentioned by two different reviewers. And in your debut year.

    2010 certainly had some major highs and major lows for you. But hopefully the good won out overall. And it seems to have. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks, ladies. It is pretty darn cool.

    And, yes, McD, the highs win. There’s no comparison where my life was a year ago and where it is now. It isn’t just what has happened but the potential for things that may lurk in the future that makes everything seem both interesting and exciting. ~Ellen

  4. Donna says:

    I did not read your books until after the voting closed or else I would have voted for both of your books. They were wonderful, especially Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold! You are such a talented author!

  5. Hi, Donna – Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed both books. While I feel wistful over the people I’ve seen say they’d have voted for the books if they’d read them sooner, I’m sure those few votes wouldn’t have made a difference, and I’m very happy to have been mentioned in the Reviewers’ Choice section. As the baseball people perennially say – maybe next year. ~Ellen

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