New Interview

Just as we are discussing new stories for Roddy Rodriguez and Beau Taney in the comments of my last post, Camille LaGuire has posted an interview she did with me on her blog about secondary characters. She asked about this before we got going here on the subject, and I thought at the time it was a great subject to explore and her questions were excellent.  Check it out.



4 Responses to New Interview

  1. mesadallas says:

    Wonderful interview, Ellen. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. McD says:

    I always find it interesting that authors find their characters (that they’ve created) talking to them and directing them. Treating their own creations like real people. I’m glad it’s not just we the readers developing emotions for them and hoping they have a hea or a better life!

    Nice interview Ellen. With all these stories in your head I wish there were two of you to halve the time between books. Or double the output.

  3. I wonder if people who read a lot tend to have really active imaginations. I know I was one of those children with an imaginary friend.

    On the author forums you get a lot of writers who say their characters just take off with them, but I think they tend to be what I call “seat of the pants” writers. That is they come up with some characters, a vague notion of their story and setting and just start writing.

    Being a lot more compulsive than that, I’m an outliner and I have to know where things are going and how they’re getting there, but that doesn’t mean that characters don’t rise up and improve themselves over my original vision now and then. 🙂 At least in my unbiased opinion it’s always an improvement.

    @mesadallas – Thanks. She made me think with those questions, and it was interesting to do that interview too.


  4. mesadallas says:

    A Happy Easter to you. I will be spending the morning in church and then a family get-together with an egg hunt here at my home.

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