Happy Easter—or Passover—Everyone

Thanks, mesadallas, for reminding me, Although I now need one of those cute phrases about being a bit late you find on some greeting cards, it is still Easter. I must admit this is a holiday that slips by me these days without all the chocolate eggs and bunnies and new clothes from head to toe fuss of my childhood. In fact thinking about it sent me in search of some of the pictures of my sister and me dressed identically as children, about to leave for church. We had an aunt who was a heck of a seamstress, so when I say identically, I mean identically, in spite of a 7-year age gap. (I’m the old one.)

Another thing I owe you for, mesadallas, is sending me on that hunt because I found some of the color pictures are fading in spite of being kept out of the sun in albums, and if I don’t want to lose them entirely, I’d better get busy and start scanning. I also found a couple of pics I didn’t remember I had that brought a smile to my face.

On the book side, while generally I don’t believe in throwing a party every time a good review comes in, today I got what is for me a present in a Goodreads review of Sing. It isn’t the fact that it’s a 5-star review that resonated (although that certainly doesn’t hurt) but the fact that this reader saw what I’m trying to do in my books.

The main reason I love Ellen O’Connells romances is that they don’t follow the usual pattern of category romance where the hero and heroine are reluctant to fall in love because of past hurt or a gruff disposition, or because they find themselves on the opposing sides of a situation that requires them to be enemies.

Her hero and heroine fall in love early and easily, and the story is about them holding true to that love, overcoming the obstacles fate and the cruel world throws in their way.

The love story is about fighting for your man, not against him.

On the author forums there are always debates about the propriety of thanking reviewers, and I’ve always come down on the side that one shouldn’t because then you’re acting as if a good review is a nice thing someone did for the author instead of an unbiased thing the reviewer did for other readers, but I confess to hoping this particular reviewer hears that she made my Easter.

~ Ellen


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