History in the making

In researching certain historical events, or in just reading history because it fascinates me, I’ve always been struck by the contradictions found in sources. Some of the differences are self-explanatory: Churchill’s views of WWII events are bound to be different than Eisenhower’s. Some differences come with time. Believe me, anything written today about Custer’s Last Stand (which probably won’t even be referred to that way) is going to be very different than something written 50 years ago, much less right after the battle.

However, even knowing those things, even having read more history than most Americans do today, the steadily changing reports of what happened when Osama bin Laden was killed surprised me. This is an era of photos, videos, and recordings. The military and the government document everything out the ying yang. How can there not be a single, straightforward story? My guess is besides a lot of political CYA, there’s also the usual tendency of people who know nothing to act as if they do, other attempts at self-aggrandizement, normal variance in human interpretation of the same experience of the kind you get when eye witnesses don’t agree on the color of the bad guy’s shirt, and a bunch of things I haven’t even thought of.

All in all, I plan to be more understanding when I read accounts of events in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century that don’t agree on where something happened, what happened, or even if it happened.

Tidbits:  Colorado is one of the places that can have extreme changes in weather, and there’s certainly no way to count on certain weather at a particular time of year. I never go anywhere without a coat in the car no matter what it’s like when I start out. I live about 25 miles SE of Denver, and unlike the mountain folk, things here have been terribly dry since late last summer. After temps in the 80s over the past weekend, the forecasters predicted our first good moisture of the year today and a high in the 30s. Sure enough I woke to soaking rain, but a little while ago I walked out to find — snow! Not just a flake or two, but heavy enough snow to overcome flakes melting on the soaked ground and to blanket things completely. Right now there’s at least an inch on the ground, and it’s still falling steadily. This is the latest I can ever remember real snow at this altitude.

I wish I could say that I’ve been missing the last couple of weeks because I was writing like a maniac. The truth is I’ve been heavily involved in some dog events. My own girl is retired now from carting and drafting competitions, so it’s time to do some payback to the people who host these events. I acted as secretary for the local Rottweiler club’s carting event this past weekend and will be a steward at the Berner club’s draft test the weekend of the 21st with a little Rally obedience competition in between (Schara and I aren’t quite finished with Rally yet).

Needless to say, the Rottweiler people have been very supportive of Rottweiler Rescue. Not only have many of them bought the book for themselves and as gifts and recommended it to friends and relatives, but the club purchased half a dozen and gave them as prizes at a match it held last fall. However, if any of them ever read either romance, I never heard a peep. Until this weekend. After we finished the carting test and started packing up, one of the women there said something about Rott Rescue and then said she’d also read Eyes and loved it and was now reading Sing. To date, as an author, I’ve never been face to face with anyone who has read the romances except my one local beta reader. The beta reader and I have always discussed the book on the phone long before I see her again, so when I do see her, the book reading is behind us.  This time what I always thought would happen did, the reader looked at me with a grin and the raised eyebrows that said you wrote sex scenes and I read them. And I turned red under my sunburn just as I always thought I would, but it was also pretty cool.



6 Responses to History in the making

  1. McD says:

    Glad to see you back Ellen. And a wonderful post. It was just like a smorgasbord, a buffet, a bit of this and a bit of that.

    But you know what part I enjoyed the most? I’m sure you do. Yes, when you came face-to-face with a reader of your sex scenes, ah, romance. Though for someone so uncomfortable when writing them you do a brilliant job.

    Which brings me to my next question, any information for us romance readers on the next book? Title? Location? Anything? Please.

  2. Oh, yes, I figured those of you who know about me, the sex scenes, and beer would get a kick out of my face to face with a reader.

    The next romance remains without a title at this point. Location Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. That means I have to research the geography in ways other than visiting those areas because I wouldn’t feel safe there any more. Isn’t that a sad thing to have to say about one’s own country and its neighbor? ~Ellen

  3. McD says:

    Yikes. Is it that bad even your side of the border? A question from a non-US citizen.

  4. I’m sure the news people exaggerate. Heck, they exaggerate everything, but there are enough reports of violence to make me stay away from the border area on our side, and there’s no way in hell I’d set foot in Mexico. ~Ellen

  5. mesadallas says:

    Elen, you are fine in Arizona as long as you don’t go on any of the isolated roads that are right down on the border but I assure you that the news reports do not exaggerate. If anything, they are downplaying the spillover violence that is occuring from Mexico into Arizona. My son is a police officer and worked for a year on the border so I’m privy to a lot of stories most people don’t hear.

  6. That’s interesting, mesadallas. I guess downplaying that violence would fit with the whole desire for open borders thing. I’m one of those who thinks we should bring every soldier home from anywhere around the world and stand them all at about 20-foot intervals along our own borders with rifles (loaded with real bullets) facing out.


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