Rachel’s Eyes

Blogger Alain Gomez posts regularly to the author’s forum of Kindle Boards (which may be my favorite online place). Alain is a short story aficionado who reviews and promotes “shorts” on her blog. When she posted mentioning that she was looking for short stories to review, I sent her a copy of Rachel’s Eyes. Her review appeared today, and is quite insightful, I think. See it here:


I also need to confess that while Rachel’s Eyes has been free on Smashwords since I first put it out, yesterday I put a $.99 price there to match what’s on Amazon. I did this in part because I feel guilty. Maybe there is a loophole that allows one to give it away on SW and charge on Amazon, but to publish on Amazon, one does agree not to sell for less anywhere else. It helped me make the decision that after an initial spate of downloads at SW, I found the story sold at Amazon at 3 times the rate it was downloaded for free at SW. I am leaving the story for free on my website on the theory the most passionate fans of Eyes will find it there.

While I’m confessing I have to say that I’ve never figured out Goodreads. I’m am set up as an author there but haven’t the foggiest what to do about it and haven’t figured out much else other than how to look at the pages for my own books. So I went to GR and added Rachel’s Eyes to the list of my books, and of course afterwards read that they don’t really want to list short stories, only books. I couldn’t find any way to take RE down at that point. Nor can I find a way to contact anyone at Goodreads. As best I can figure out, I’m supposed to find someone with librarian privileges over there to fix things for me. So I’ve decided to just keep quiet and not do it again. One plus from the whole thing is that somehow after a year of Rottweiler Rescue being listed twice, once for the ebook and once for the paperback, with separate reviews and ratings for each, they suddenly show up as one. Go figure.



2 Responses to Rachel’s Eyes

  1. mesadallas says:

    Nice little interview, Ellen

    I’ve been down the last two weeks and a half weeks with pneumonia that started out as a cold and progressed from there. I’m still fighting it. Haven’t been to work for the past 8 days and won’t go back until next week. That’s why I haven’t been on the blog lately.

  2. I figured something was going on in your life, mesadallas. Glad you’re on the mend.

    Alain did do a nice job on that review, I thought, including saying how it’s different than most short stories. If you want a chuckle to perk up your recovery, I thought she was a he for the longest time. Alain sounds like a male name (French) to me, and I was in a sweat wondering what a guy would make of it, although the story isn’t that “romancey.”

    My books don’t have many reviews because I’ve never been up for requesting them here and there. Red Adept gave me a big boost early on by reviewing Rottweiler Rescue and giving it 5 stars, but that was back in the day when she saw info about it on the Amazon Kindle forum, bought it, read it after a while, and did the review. Now people submit to her and she’s so backed up she’s shut off submissions.

    Same for the romances, reviewers like Maldivian and AAR heard about the books and got them themselves and reviewed. For this review of RE, however, I saw a request on Kindle Boards for short stories and did respond to it. I did the same more recently with Eyes when someone posted about wanting to review romances according to themes. She was looking for stories where the H/h were childhood friends, so I told her about that being a minor point in Eyes. She didn’t want me to send a copy and bought one, bless her. Don’t know how she feels about it yet.


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