Woo Hoo!

Okay, I’ll admit I’m easily thrilled, but I don’t go so far as to jump up and down very often. The other day I did a search on Penelope Williamson for some reason (probably to do with Kindle prices because I admire her as an author, and her books are one of the most egregious examples of overpriced books for Kindle). Anyway, I found that on page 2 of the 4 pages that come up on Amazon, the listings of Ms. Williamson’s books run out and the other books Amazon hopes you might be interested in start — and there are Eyes and Sing. Very cool and a thrill but not not enough on its own to make me mention it here. However, add it to:

Rottweiler Rescue is shown as first among the “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” and is offered in one of Amazon’s buy these two books together deals on the product page for Susan Conant’s new mystery, Brute Strength.

Ms. Conant has long been one of my favorite authors because of her dog mysteries featuring amateur sleuth (and dog nut) Holly Winter and her malamutes. It’s been so long since she wrote a new book in this series, I was afraid there would be no more. This new one is only available so far in hard cover, no Kindle edition, but the listing looks very new, so I’ll wait and see. While my own Rottweiler Rescue is different in tone and approach from the Holly Winter books, one of the several reasons for writing Rott Rescue was the hours of pleasure I have had from reading dog mysteries, not only from Ms. Conant but also from Laurien Berenson (poodles) and other authors. Having my book linked to a Holly Winter book is a real jumping up and down feel good discovery.

Also, while anyone who reads this blog won’t be surprised by anything I said, Alain Gomez (the short story enthusiast who reviewed Rachel’s Eyes a while ago) posted a guest blog by me about the story on her blog today.


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