Couple of Things

I see there was more than usual traffic here yesterday, so maybe everyone did see mesadallas’s comment in the last thread about her guest blog post, but just in case, some didn’t notice — mesadallas, who we now know is Jody, posted a very good guest blog about westerns and why she likes them here:

(Why WordPress is absolutely refusing to make links out of these urls is beyond me. I guess I’ll come back later and see if the link utility works then.)

Jody’s is the first guest blog in a planned series.

I must admit my experiences in the Amazon Romance forum was so bitter and I so resented being herded off my favorite forum (the main Amazon Kindle one, which I had been a member of long before I ever published a book), I’ve never even been to the Meet Out Authors Forum. It looked to me like a ghetto where indies were rounded up and would just be shouting at each other. Since from what Jody says I’m obviously wrong and there is interaction of authors and readers there, I obviously need to stop being stubborn and do some investigating.

Also, for any Kindle people who haven’t heard. Amazon is having another big sale of Kindle books with lowered prices:

Kindle Books: The Big Deal
What’s “The Big Deal,” you say? We’re glad you asked… Now through July 27, more than 900 Kindle books are on sale for $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, and $3.99.

Once again there are relatively few romances included, but there are some.

I’ve been spending pretty much every spare minute working on the new romance. It’s at the point of definitely feeling like a book. Even though it’s not done by a long shot, enough of the story is done to give it that feeling, and if you go by the word count often thrown around on writers’ forums, the word count gets it into book range already (it’s passed 60,000 words and I think is going to end up around 90,000).

up to 10k = short story
10k to 20k = novelette
20k to 40k = novella
40k to 60k = short novel
60k+ = novel



3 Responses to Couple of Things

  1. McD says:

    @ mesadallas
    Congratulations on a really great article. Some of the comments came from some well-established authors.

    @ Ellen
    Like you I have steered clear of Amazon forums. However, I might check out the forum you mentioned. And GREAT news on your new novel – I can officially call it that – so looking forward to it!

  2. mesadallas says:

    Hi, Ellen,
    There really aren’t that many authors or readers who visit and post on the thread yet, but those of us who do are not only having funand it IS getting western writers interacting amongst themselves and with readers.. All of the gals are very nice- we all have a love of westerns in common so there’s been absolutely no hostility or negativity, Such a nice switch from the romance community.

    Great news about your latest novel! You’ve been busy.

  3. mesadallas says:

    Thank you, McD it really was a kick to take part. By all means come peek at the “western writerspost here” thread, Everyone is made to feel welcome.

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