Progress — Kind of

Well, the book is as done as I can make it for now. It’s already gone out to the beta readers who have Kindles and will go out by mail tomorrow to those who don’t. I hope to have the cover done by the time everyone reports back and be ready to do final proofreading and publish about October 1.

In the meantime, I’ve split the difference on the title and for now am using “Apache Unbeliever.” I don’t feel the way I did about Sing My Name about it, but I like it better than the two I mentioned in the last post. I thought of another title I rather liked in the meantime simultaneously with someone who’s already read it, but after trying it on for a while, I’m hard put to say but I think it felt too contemporary or something. So that’s where things are at the moment.

I spent yesterday at the library looking at images for a cover. Needless to say, doing that at home with my dial up line is not only trying but a massive waste of time. However, doing it at the library is a speedy taste of how the other half lives. My library has all its computers in a big square together  and anyone who walks by sees what’s on your screen. So it was fine for Arizona landscapes, but boy, when I started looking for male/female and couple images, I felt like a female perv looking at low level porn!

So the cover is also up in the air at the moment, but I’m pursuing it faithfully. Hope everyone’s having a great long weekend. (Oh, and you international folks, hope you have a great start to your week.)



8 Responses to Progress — Kind of

  1. McD says:

    Hmmmm, Apache Unbeliever, better. But still too old-skool for my tastes. But as Laurie said in the previous post, I’ll still be reading it regardless of the title.

  2. MerviR says:

    Good to hear that the release date is so soon. Will the book be available also in the old fashioned paper format, since I don’t have a Kindle?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooooohhhhh 1st October… i’m on pins and needles!

  4. DallasE says:

    I’m ready, just put some money on my gift card at Amazon. Of course, we’re talking a month so I will probably have to add to it again in order to buy the book, lol! And as Laurie and McD said, doesn’t matter to me what the name is.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for the “I’ll buy it no matter what sentiments, but of course, the desire is to attract at least another 9,996 readers.

    @Mervi – Yes, there will be a paperback just like the others.

    @Anon – Don’t mark 10/1 as an absolute date. I’m just getting it to the beta readers who need paper this week, and they’re also the ones who need a couple of weeks to report back in. Needless to say if anyone comes back with I hated xyz, I’ll have a decision to make, and if more than one person hates xyz, the decision will only be how to rewrite xyz.


  6. Jody says:

    So glad to hear your new book is almost ready for publication! Maybe one of your beta readers will find a phrase from the book that will work for the title like “Sing My Name” did. I’m like your other fans — excuse me, shills — it’s YOUR name on the cover that will cause me to buy it, whatever the title!

  7. Hi Jody – Thanks for the encouraging words. Maybe someday I’ll get to where I have covers where my name is half the space and what’s under it hardly matters. It sure would make doing covers easier. ~Ellen

  8. mesadallas says:

    For a second I was thinking “when did I post that?” as my name is also Jody. I did the same thing when I saw the first post from DallasE.

    Welcome, Jody- from another Jody.

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