Paperback Update and Guest Blog Post

You may remember that in a comment to the previous post I said I’d done a process that would speed up the appearance of the paperback version of Dancing on Coals on Amazon. Well, no, I didn’t. Whether I clicked the wrong thing or didn’t click something, I screwed up and slowed the process instead of speeding it, especially since I didn’t wake up to the fact things weren’t progressing until I got an email from Create Space saying yoo hoo what do you want to do with this thing?

So I got in gear and think I straightened everything out and the paperback should appear on Amazon sometime in the next few days. I know some of you are waiting, and I’m sorry for the screw up.

Also for you paperback people (since I figure the ebookers have already got their copy if they wanted it), I’ve done a guest blog for which is scheduled to appear Tuesday, November 22. Romcon asks that those who do guest blogs offer a gift copy of their book to be given as a prize to someone who comments on the guest blog. They choose the winner and notify me who it is and pass on the needed info so I can send the book. In my case the winner can choose either the ebook or paperback version of any of my books (signed paperback).

If you want to leave a comment on that blog and don’t want to win a copy of a book you’ve already read, go ahead and comment. If you win, let me know, and you can have an Amazon gift certificate instead of the book.

Another blog put up info about Dancing yesterday, but it isn’t a review, just a copy of the description that appears on Amazon with the cover image.

And another has scheduled posting an excerpt on Friday, November 25th:

Thanks to everyone for all the good feedback and for the reviews. I keep waiting for the first person to pop up with “I hate xxx,” but as of right now enough readers who do like the book have spoken that the people who don’t aren’t going to bruise me too badly when they speak. 🙂



2 Responses to Paperback Update and Guest Blog Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll look forward to seeing both interviews. Looks as if Coals is doing very well! I see you now have 12 reviews on amazon and every one of them is positive! I’ll bet you’re floating on air!

  2. Thanks, Anon. The ruthin-trilogy excerpt is up now, got a message earlier. Yes, I’m pleased. The negatives will come in time. No story is right for everyone, but if the percentage who like it stay high, that’s enough for me. ~Ellen

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