At Last!

The paperback of Dancing on Coals is now available for order on Amazon. It’s linked to the Kindle version already (which is how I found it so fast without someone more on the ball telling me about it), but some things, like the story description, aren’t there yet. It saves me a phone call because I really felt it should be up by now and was ready to start harassing Create Space on Monday. I hope those of you who have been waiting think it was worth it once you’ve read it.



4 Responses to At Last!

  1. Marcia Montoya says:

    I’m sure glad that it’s finally on Amazon and just can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it!! Have great holidays and thank you once again for your wonderful books!
    A fan,
    Marcia Montoya

  2. Moo10 says:

    I got Dancing on Coals on a Monday night and finished it Wednesday night…I could not put the book down. I could only read in the evening due to work, kids, etc. So, as you can see, I was hooked from the very first sentence. I am lacking a bit in sleep right now, but it was certainly well worth it!

    I began reading historical romances when I got my hands on Ride the Wind by Lucia St. Clair Robson. I have always been intrigued by Native American Indian history and the West, therefore, that book was a perfect fit for me – as it was based on the true story of Cynthia Ann Parker. I have seriously been “craving” to read a book close to Ride the Wind for over ten years. Amongst all the books I have read (my husband calls it an addiction) your books have fullfilled my “craving” and has left me, yet again, searching more just like it. But that is the problem in and of itself – books like Dancing on Coals, Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold, and Sing my Name are so unique in their story line, with captivating characters, and deep down stirs a yearning in my own heart that they can’t be a dime a dozen! Your talent is a blessing.

    This past summer I came upon, randomly, Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold. WOW! There are no words I can express that can sufficiently state how wonderfully written it is and how drawn in I became immediately upon reading the initial paragraph! I couldn’t wait to read Sing my Name – I relived the same feeling – I want more! After I read those books I wondered if you had any works in progress. This past weekend I decided to reread Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold and I came upon your website at the end…well there I was on Monday reading the summary about Dancing on Coals.

    This is quite a lengthy comment, but honestly as cheesy and corny as this may sound…thank you for writing books! I became an instant fan and truly hope you continue writing books. Your wit, delivery, and timing in telling your stories are beyond your typical historical romance. Your stories have substance, grit, and are endearing to the heart. Thank you.

  3. Welcome, Moo10. That name makes me smile all on its own.

    I read Ride the Wind some years ago but can’t say I remember much about it although I know Cynthia Parker’s story. The photo of Quanah Parker in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is another arresting one.

    The rest of the world may consider your comments corny, but needless to say, you made my day. I’m glad you enjoyed the books so much. That kind of enthusiasm gives me incentive to write another.


  4. Moo10 says:

    Well, you have made a life long fan out me so I am happy that I made your day. Furthermore, I am even more delighted that my enthusiasm has given you incentive to write another.

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