RomCon Winner

RomCon notified me today of the winner of the copy of Dancing on Coals from the people who commented on my guest blog there. Her name is Claudia, and I don’t think she’s a follower of this blog just from the wording of the comment. To anyone who does read here and had fingers crossed (Mervi?), sorry. She’s not in the U.S. so I’m lucky she’s choosing an ebook as I never considered international people, and of course just from those who do follow here that I know are non-U.S., I should have.



6 Responses to RomCon Winner

  1. MerviR says:

    I ordered the paperback already last week and am waiting to get it in mail any day now ( I chose expedited delivery to get it faster). I usually don’t have any luck in lotteries so I wasn’t counting on that.


  2. Hey, Mervi, thanks for the order. Hope you like it as much as the others. Your odds had to be better than the lottery :-), but I know what you mean about not having luck with those kinds of things as I don’t either. ~Ellen

  3. MerviR says:

    I’ve read Dancing on Coals now and absolutely loved it. The only problem was that it ended too soon.;-) I loved Gaetan and Katherine and the story was very believable inside the romance genre. I hope you are already planning the next book.


  4. DallasE says:

    So, is it too soon to start whining for your next western romance? I’m ready!

  5. I’m glad you liked it, Mervi. I know it’s a bit of a project for you to get your hands on my books. Somehow that would make it seem even worse than if someone who could get an inexpensive copy with one click on their Kindle didn’t like it, even though finding out about anyone who didn’t like one of the books always smarts.

    DallasE – It’s never too soon, but as we all know it doesn’t always work as well as it should. I’m working on the next mystery at the moment, but have a rough outline of the next romance and keep enlarging on it as I get ideas. I’m making no predictions time-wise as so far I’ve always been too optimistic.


  6. mesadallas says:

    Sure hope it’s Beau’s story!

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