Merry Christmas and…

… for those of you who aren’t Christmas-y for whatever reason, happy holidays, winter solstice and everything else.

We’ve just gotten our first big snow of the season here in Colorado. Nothing like what they got south of us, but still 9 inches is enough to break out the snow shovel. It also makes me appreciate my Kindle even more than usual. Pre-Kindle being snowed in meant finding something to reread. I’ve never been one of those people who have a big TBR pile. I always bought a book or two, read them, and then looked for more. Being snowed in with the Kindle would only be a problem if the electricity was out the whole time and the K was due for a charge when it happened.

I don’t know if any of you who read here are mystery fans as well as romance, but I confess to having been recently royally hooked by a mystery series – and I still haven’t figured out why. I read in some forum or another that Candice Proctor, author of Whispers of Heaven, one of my favorite romances, writes a mystery series under the name of C.S. Harris. So of course I looked it up to see. A couple of the reviews I saw panned the accuracy of details of the historical setting of the series – England in 1811-12 – but since I’m no expert on that place and time, I figured what the heck.

However, I do know a lot of about dogs and horses, and there are noticeable and frequent enough errors about both to make me stop reading most books. Did that stop me? No. I can make a whole list of other things that would stop me cold in most books:

I didn’t count, but I bet 80% of the characters have gray eyes, enough that I started to roll my eyes every time another one showed up. What percentage of the population, even in 1811 England, do you think had gray eyes?

The hero single-handedly and without consequences kills bad guys right and left until that gets eyes-rolling too (he also gets injured so severely so often a mass of scar tissue an inch deep must cover his arms and torso). He gets married in the last book available in the series at the moment, and his wife and he are obviously going to have a body-count competition in the future.

Since the books aren’t romances it’s not a case of a TSTL heroine, but equal opportunity TSTL characters, not constantly, but they all get their turn. Good guys: “Oh, it must be a trap.” “Yes, it’s a trap.” “Let’s go stick our noses in there just in case we’re wrong.” Bad or so-so guys: “Lie, lie, lie.” I know anyone with any sense could check and find out it’s a lie, but what the heck.

None of it mattered. I read all 6 of them and will pounce on the 7th when it’s available next year. I think I’m hooked for the same reasons people get hooked on soap operas. Secrets, lies, constant emotional turmoil, even a dash of incest. Whatever. I went through them like a bowl of popcorn. They aren’t exactly bargain books either at $7.99 for the Kindle version of most of them and I think $11.99 for the newest ones. Fortunately my library had most of them, so I didn’t do mortal damage to the book budget.

If anyone else has read or ever reads any of these, I’d love to know if you too got hooked or if you’re made of sterner stuff.




5 Responses to Merry Christmas and…

  1. McD says:

    Merry Christmas Ellen!

    And I too love C.S. Harris! Read the whole series like you and always looking forward to the next. Ellen you continue to surprise me. Who knew you’d end up being a fan?!

  2. Thanks, McD. I’m still rather amazed at the whole thing myself. I can tell you why I love series by Nevada Barr, Dana Stabenow and their like, but this one? I still can’t figure it out myself. ~Ellen

  3. P.S. Even though these aren’t romances, that last scene in the last book so far? Really, really super. ~E

  4. mesadallas says:

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Now that my children are grown Santa doesn’t come by my house anymore prefering to go right to the homes of my grandchildren instead.

    This means my Christmas begins in the late afternoon when everyone comes over for dinner and to open the gifts we have for each of them. I’m up to 17 grandchildren now so only those under six receive toys. Once they hit six they get a five dollar bill.

    This year one of our sons was going out of town to spend Christmas day with his in-law’s family so we spent Christmas Eve with them. I cooked a turkey for Christmas Eve and a ham on Christmas Day. We also had friends over on both Christmas Day as well as Christmas Eve.

    Everyone had a great time but I spent most of December 26th sleeping and lazing in bed reading.

  5. Hey, mesadallas – Your Christmas sounds like it could be on a poster for a good old fashioned family one. Mine was much quieter and no cooking. 🙂 ~Ellen

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