Things That Go Bump In the Night

The blog post today at AAR is IMO quite interesting, and the comments equally so. I seldom read anything that could be called paranormal, and when I do, it’s always something that barely touches around the edges. For instance, one of my all time favorite romances is Emily Carmichael’s Finding Mr. Right. (Sadly, it’s not available for Kindle.) I got set down pretty hard on a forum once for recommending it as a dog mystery. I guess it is a paranormal of some flavor. It’s along the lines of the old Topper movie and tv series. And recently I read Connie Brockway’s So Enchanting. Again the paranormal element was very light. It has to be or it scares me, and I worry about nightmares. In fact the picture that accompanies the AAR blog post creeps me out so thoroughly I had to put my hand over it on my monitor to read the post. Yes, I’m a wuss about that kind of stuff.

Even without reading current paranormals, I see enough discussion of them to think that the basic premise of the blog post is correct. One of those old sayings often heaped on me is “The poor are always with us.” I think that’s true of the abusive romance “hero” too. I’ve come to realize I’m more sensitive to this than a lot of readers and I’m finding, darn it, that I’m getting worse. I’ve abandoned several books lately not because of real abuse but just because the hero was so manipulative, scheming to put the heroine in a position where she was forced to do what he wanted by circumstances he arranged. I keep wanting the heroine to spit in his eye and march off and marry some decent guy, but, sigh, that’s never what happens.

~ Ellen


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