Cowboy Kisses blog cooperative

Sometime in the past, in a comment I believe, there was mention of the Western Romance Authors Please Post Here thread in the Amazon Meet Our Authors forum. Up until that time I’d avoided the whole forum, as I’m one of those who thinks the MOA forum is a cyber-ghetto set up to isolate authors from readers who are bothered by them and that very few readers ever go there. I still think that, but I did take a look at that thread, participated a bit, and have since posted in a few other threads there. So that mention jostled me out of my pure pigheadedness to some degree.

Over time I’ve come to enjoy the thread. Except for the OP, Maggie O, and mesadallas, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a reader post there, but it’s become like a little social group for authors of the genre who post not just about their books but about their lives. Maggie also is very good about listing the freebies in the genre she finds almost daily.

Recently the participants started discussing a cooperative group effort for a site that might attract more people than any of us do to our individual blogs. Ginger Simpson already had a blog she calls Cowboy Kisses (you can tell I didn’t name it, can’t you?), and she volunteered to rearrange her blog to be a group blog. So far 13 western romance authors are participating. Some are pure indies like me, and some are currently or have been traditionally published.

As the laggard who was busy and didn’t wake up to what was going on until it was all but done, I’m the 13th one who spoiled the perfect dozen. The idea is for each of us to post once a month, and we’ve set up a schedule. I’m scheduled for the first Saturday of each month, so my first post will be April 7th. If anyone reading this has any ideas of what readers would like to hear from authors, I’d love to hear it, as these posts are to be for readers, not other authors, at least not when they’re wearing writer hats.

The blog’s home page has links to a bio page for each of us participating. Once again, the slowpoke, I just finished mine last night and would love any comments. There’s a new photo of me from the good old days. It’s the only tough cowgirl type photo I have, and at that it was taken at a horse show. I’ll admit here among friends I first learned to ride English, always preferred it, and never rode a Western saddle except for shows and to practice for them. 😉 Of course I listed my books at the end, but I didn’t just paste in the book description and tried to give a sentence or two of something different about each one. For that matter the bio itself isn’t just what’s in my books and on Amazon.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think and maybe cruise some of the rest of the site and comment.



6 Responses to Cowboy Kisses blog cooperative

  1. MerviR says:

    I checked Cowboy Kisses and it looks nice. Didn’t have time to check the other authors yet but I visited your page and I think if I hadn’t read your books already, I’d be interested to check them out after reading your story about becoming a writer and the descriptions of the novels.

    Happy Easter!


  2. Hi Mervi – Thanks for the feedback. I actually rewrote that bio for Cowboy Kisses several times trying different approaches before settling on the one I posted. It’s nice to know it worked for you. ~Ellen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Ellen,
    I meant to give you some feedback a lot sooner but I got so busy I forgot. Your bio page looks great. I second what mervi wrote. I know ou could write some articles about horses or the Civil War that would be very interesting.

  4. Thanks, Anon (mesadallas? McD? Paige?). As my new post says, I now have until the 30th to come up with something and write it. ~E

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it was me. It’s been one heck of a busy week. One of my sons still lives in Seattle so he was here with his family for the week. Of course the other four sons and their families were here every day as well so we had a constant non-stop family reunion of 16. I only had a minute or so to get away and check my e-mails or the amazon forum and cowboy kisses. We all went to church together this morning and then had the big Easter dinner. Everyone pulled out to head to their perspective homes about an hour ago so the house is quiet now and rather lonely.

    I know you will have no problem coming up with something for Cowboy kisses. Some ideas- perhaps the truth about cowboy’s horses on a working ranch or cavalry during the Civil and Indian Wars. I know romance writers like to put their hero on a stallion because it’s an extension of the hero’s sexuality but you and I both know what a bunch of bunk that is.

    Actually, I remember reading somewhere that both cavalry and ranch horses were almost exclusively geldings.

  6. Sounds like a good Easter, mesadallas. My fun Easter experience was a frantic phone call last night from a Jewish friend. She and her husband aren’t religious and when their daughter started in on Saturday about how the Easter Bunny didn’t leave her anything last year because he couldn’t find her so this year she’d sent him directions…. In my friend’s shoes I’d have sat the kid down and had a little talk, but I’m not a modern parent. So I got the frantic cell phone call about where to go, what to buy, etc.

    I told her in our house we always set out empty baskets the night before, kind of like Christmas stockings, and the next morning there the baskets were, filled with goodies, almost all edible and now considered Bad Foods. When she got to the store she found pre-fab baskets with stuff other than candy in them and got one of those – a new holiday tradition was born. (Did you even know there were such things as Barbie Easter baskets? I’m happy to report my friend didn’t get one of those.)

    I have a couple of weeks to decide about the CK post. Thought about some of my Apache research, but wouldn’t want that too close to the Nez Perce blog. So what others choose the last week before me may affect what I decide.


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