Happy Birthday Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold

This month Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold turns two — at least in its published form. The book even got a birthday present, its 100th review on Amazon.

The fact is the story of Anne and Cord Bennett has been a gift to me that still seems miraculous. The book and the affection readers like you have for it changed my life for the better. It inspires me to write more romances and to try to make them better, to come up with stories and characters that will affect readers as deeply. I appreciate every review, every email, every comment here and in other venues.

Thanks, everyone.

News. The Cowboy Kisses cooperative blog seems to be achieving its purpose — getting more traffic than any participant’s individual blog. Thanks to anyone who has hopped over there for a look see or comment. I hope all of us contributing can keep to the schedule, and I say that though my first turn hasn’t even happened yet.

Victor is now officially heartworm free!




8 Responses to Happy Birthday Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold

  1. MerviR says:

    Congratulations! And thank you for writing these wonderful stories for us. Can’t wait for the next one. Good to hear about Victor, too.


  2. Rosheen says:

    ‘happy birthday’ one of the best books I have ever read (i average 4 books per week, yep not TV orientated). Very memorable book and one that can be re read (very rare for me to want to re read a book). Ellen you are one of four authors that are on the an automatic buy list (even before the I have found out the plot of the book i preorder your books).
    Thanks for sharing the info that Cowboy Kisses blog was now a team effort and I enjoyed reading your author profile. It is funny/interesting looking back on what lead us to a new path.
    Glad Victor is healling (its can be a long journey with a health challenged four legged crew member)
    Cheers Rosheen

  3. Thanks, Mervi and Rosheen. You make me smile. ~Ellen

  4. McD says:

    Congratulations, Ellen! As a long-time reader of romance and historical westerns in particular, you are now my favorite western author. No mean feat considering that you have even knocked the wonderful Jodi Thomas from top position.

  5. Hi McD – Being compared to Jodi Thomas is a compliment much less getting to knock her books down one position on a reader’s favorites list. Bless you. And congratulations to you too – this is the first comment you’ve ever posted I didn’t have to approve! Something finally clicked over in WordPress’s software. ~Ellen

  6. mesadallas says:

    Late coming to the party but a happy birthday/aniversary to Eyes! Through a chain of events it’s led me to finding a nice group of women to chat with over a shared interest in western culture and history.

  7. Foxhunter says:

    This was the first book of yours I read. Loved it! I’ve now read all of them and keep looking for more. Love the fact that you got all the horse stuff right;-) keep writing!

  8. Welcome, Foxhunter, and thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed all the books, and particularly that you feel I got the horse stuff right. I get comments like that about dogs in the dog mystery, and always love hearing it. The next romance is going to have more horse stuff again, more like Eyes than like Sing or Dancing in that regard, although a different kind of horse stuff. Of course I still have to write it, so things may change. 🙂 ~Ellen

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