Ooh la la!

In the past I’ve mentioned how international the book business makes my homebody-to-the-point-of-reclusiveness self feel. From when I started in early 2010, my ebooks sold all over the world, but sometime ago, Amazon opened particular stores for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Non-U.S. readers who for one reason or another couldn’t get the ebooks from Amazon could always get them from Smashwords or the outlets they distribute too (which also made formats other than Kindle’s available).

Talk about international, my books have been reviewed by The Maldivian Book Reviewer! When she first posted a review of Eyes, I had to use Google to see if the Maldives are where I thought (confession: no, they aren’t).

However, non-U.S. readers who wanted paper books didn’t fare so well. I’ve had a lot of email in the last two years from people in other countries who wanted paperbacks but couldn’t get them. I’d always offer to send them one myself, but even though many people took me up on that offer, I never got over feeling rotten about the cost. Trade paperbacks are expensive enough; the cost of international postage exceeds the cost of the book.

Some relief is finally available for some international paperback readers. Amazon has announced that Create Space paperbacks will be available to customers in the same five countries that have their own Amazon ebook outlets: UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The boon to the purchaser is that they will not pay international shipping rates. Also free shipping through programs like Amazon Prime will be available to these customers. It’s not everywhere, but it’s a start.

News: Kirsten Arnold is featuring all three of my books on her Wild West blog today. Her reviews are very complimentary and will keep me smiling all day. There’s a little add on at the end where I talk about what inspired me to write the books.



4 Responses to Ooh la la!

  1. mesadallas says:

    Hi, Ellen. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that your books are being read all over the world.

    I was wondering how your latest work in progress is going? Sure hope it’s another historcal! Any updates?

  2. I wish I had a good answer to your question, mesadallas, but I don’t. See latest post. ~E

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just to say came across your books while browsing fantasticfiction.com website. Downloaded Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold WOW your are now one of my favourite western romance authors. I have a great interest in this period of US history your writing is so refreshing western romance with grit and not flowers!

    I would just say living here in the UK its is very hard to get paperbacks as you say also amazon.uk kindle copies we cannot get straight away and are stopped from doing so on amazon.com unless authors have self published this is so frustrating went you want to read a new novel asp!,

    At the back of one of you books you are down as having a bk out called Hard Promises cannot find same can you help, or is this in the pipeline. Thank you for writing such wonderful novels.

  4. Hi Anon – Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you enjoyed Eyes. I didn’t realize there was a reference anywhere to the title Hard Promises. I’ll have to look and see if I can find that and change it. That was a title I considered for what is now Dancing on Coals, which is available on Amazon UK.

    Digital copies of my books could always be purchased by non-U.S. folks through smashwords.com, although I know that doesn’t have the ease of having Amazon, B&N or Kobo zip a book into your ereader automatically after purchase. The big obstacle was always for those in other countries who wanted paper, and at least for the UK that’s now solved.

    You raised my blood pressure quite a bit, though, with your reference to “downloading” from fantasticfiction.com, as that sounded like a pirate site that had stolen my books and was giving them away. Of course I went there and saw that it’s simply a referral site that sends people to other places where the books are legitimately available, so I’m calm now.

    Thanks again. Happy reading.


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