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A friend pointed out tonight that a comment on Goodreads spilled beans I thought still safely in the pot. Spilled them of course because in some fit of optimism I replied to an email from a reader who liked Dancing on Coals with both the title of the new book and the fact I hope to have it out in September. That’s HOPE folks. I just wrote a new scene for it tonight, so there’s a lot of revising, editing, proofing, etc., still to go.

It’s only fair, though, to put out here what I spilled elsewhere. The title of the new book is Beautiful Bad Man, and as of right now I still plan to use the description I posted here in a comment a while back:

In 1866 on the empty Kansas prairie, two children shared a few desperate moments that changed their lives. For years afterward, each nursed a secret dream—that the other had grown into a special person—brave, good, kind.

When Norah Hawkins and Caleb Sutton cross paths again, dreams die. She is a bitter, suicidal widow. He is a gunman with little conscience and few scruples. Alternately angry, repelled, and attracted, the two form an uneasy partnership to hold land she owns and he covets against a marauding neighbor. Their bargain never included love, or did it?

I’ll get the cover up as soon as I have one.  🙂



21 Responses to New Book

  1. McD says:

    I love the title, Ellen! And from the description the new book sounds brilliant!

  2. Rosheen says:

    LOL. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the book(already on the TBP list pre title) we know it will be good and will try to be patient

  3. DallasE says:

    Love the title; intrigued by the description. Be still my heart, an Ellen O’Connell book to look forward to!

  4. Loveto Read says:

    Can not wait to read it.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I’ll get more info up as soon as I have it. ~E

  6. Barbara Wadman says:

    Ellen, I was already waiting eagerly for your new book. After reading the brief description and title for the new book I am even more impatient. BUT–I would not hurry you as I know this new book will be well worth the wait. Your books have been such a great find. Everyone I have encouraged to read Ellen O’Connell has thanked me.

  7. Ellen O'Connell says:

    Thanks, Barbara. That’s really encouraging to hear.

    And thanks to you too Marcia – I hope you do like this one.

    ~ Ellen

  8. Marcia Montoya says:

    Dear Ellen,
    We are all anxiously waiting for your new book! Sounds like a great one, but then, they all have been.
    An Ardent Fan

  9. McD says:

    Hey, Ellen nice cover!

  10. Ha ha, you clever devil, you noticed. Thank you. I follow a blog by Dean Wesley Smith. He’s been making a living as a writer for something like 35 years and also ran an indie publishing company for a while. Some of his advice has really helped me, and he recently had a rant on indie covers. According to him, the author’s name should be on top as large as the title. I always thought that only happened once an author got to bestseller status, but according to him we all should do that. He also says traditional pubs have at least 2 other bits of text on their covers in addition to title and author, and we all should do that. I only added the one little line under my name but figured what the heck it couldn’t hurt.

    ~ Ellen

  11. McD says:

    That’s really interesting about that guy’s advice on covers as I much prefer it to be not cluttered with extra information. Title and author’s all I need,

  12. My guess is he thinks the more like the traditional books one looks, the better, and they’re still heavily into paper sales. When 99.9% of your readers buy from a website and see only thumbnails it seems things are different, but what the heck. I do like this cover myself. ~E

  13. Rosheen says:

    Like the new cover! (plus dog)

  14. Hi Rosheen – The dog in this one is a supporting character. His name is Early. ~E

  15. mesadallas says:

    Ellen, the cover as well as the name are absolutely perfect!

  16. Morgan says:

    Love the cover and the “teaser.” I am so stinkin’ excited!! I just reread Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold and Dancing on Coals (each for the 3rd and 4th time) in anticipation of your upcoming book!! I think I should start an Ellen O’Connell book club!

  17. I appreciate the enthusiasm, ladies. Must admit that I’m pretty pleased about this title and cover myself. None of the angst some of the others caused. ~E

  18. MerviR says:

    The cover looks great. I love how the sunset sky looks behind the couple. It’s beautiful. The excerpt is great, too. Witty dialogue and one can sense the chemistry between Norah and Caleb.


  19. Thanks, Mervi. I hope you feel that way about the whole thing when you get it. ~E

  20. Morgan says:

    Hey Ellen –
    I have been curious, but not sure if you can answer this now. However, you had mentioned that Beautiful Bad Man was initially not your intended next book, but due to an obsession you switched plans. Did the idea for this book just “pop” into your mind and you just had to ride it out? As for your other “plan” had you started to write and then stopped or have you continued working on it? I am not meaning to be nosy, rather intrigued by your process and how this book came about :).

  21. Morgan – I’m going to answer your question in a separate post. That will make it easier to access in case anyone else is interested. ~ Ellen

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