Hi Everybody,

Just thought I’d post to say I’m through with revisions on Beautiful Bad Man and moving toward the finish line. So, yes, I still think I’ll be able to upload the ebook versions to the various vendors before the end of this month. The paperback will take another couple of weeks. Sorry, but not only is the formatting more difficult, the paper version requires uploading the book and cover to Create Space then waiting until they mail me a proof, and checking the proof before authorizing publication. Of course if there’s any problem with that proof, it means another cycle of that process.

It’s progress, though, right? Of course that’s all subject to the old caution of “If the Good Lord’s wiling and the crick don’t rise.”

Rising creeks: I’m sure everyone gets a few of these regularly. The latest one for me had to do with one of my many dog projects. I’m on the Board of Directors for my regional Rottweiler breed club. As with most small clubs, Board members do a lot of the work for different projects and events, and this year I agreed to do ribbons for the annual specialty show. (A specialty is a show for only one breed.)

When I volunteered, I thought this would be an easy job. Get the list of needed ribbons, do the math, call a ribbon company, and order. Whoops. It turns out the club has been for years saving leftover ribbons from each show. There are always classes that don’t have enough entries for all the ribbons and in fact sometimes there are no entries for a class. In obedience and rally it’s rare for the classes to fill and not all dogs succeed to earn even a qualifying ribbon.

So what I found after the fact is that doing ribbons includes taking a ribbon that has three streamers, cutting off the center streamer (which has the date, name and location of the show on it), and gluing in a new streamer with this year’s date. Buying only new center streamers is much less expensive than buying a whole ribbon with a nice rosette and 3 streamers.

“Don’t worry,” the people who dropped this little bomb on me said, when the time comes, we’ll help. Well, for one reason or another the ribbons didn’t come into my eager hands until about 10 days before the show, and when I put out the call for help—bet you guessed it, didn’t you? Yup, crickets.

If you aren’t laughing yet, you should be. There is very little in this world I wouldn’t rather do without rather than make it myself. My desire to do arts and craftsy things is somewhere below zilch and even that is above my ability. So there I was as many hours a day as I could stand it working on those blasted ribbons. Luckily there were enough extras to toss the worst mistakes. The hot glue gun burned a hole in a plastic container when I lost track of where the tip was, my fingertips were covered with glue and the floor with bits of ribbon.

When that was all over, because so many of those ribbons had been packed away and the old streamers were bent and creased, I ironed the hateful things. Ironed. I don’t even have an ironing board any more. I had to run several pillowcases over a regular board. At least I did have an iron to dig out.

The next rising creek is a Rottweiler carting test in Nebraska on the 30th. I’m the course director and scribing for a judge, so I need to be there, and it will be the second time this year I’ve gone out of state. Haven’t done that since the good old horse show days. So the books need to be uploaded before I leave on the 29th if I’m to make that this-month goal. Needless to say I’m hoping for a couple days before that and will post here when I’ve done the uploading.

News: Eyes has gone over 100 reviews on Goodreads. For those who don’t visit that site, it allows books to be given a star rating without a written review. So Eyes has a total of an incredible (to me) 596 ratings, but only 102 of them are reviews.

~ Ellen



11 Responses to Update

  1. Baba says:

    Wow, wonderful news, Ellen! Can’t wait to read your new book. 🙂


  2. Baba says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I can’t find Beautiful Bad Man on Goodreads. I just checked out the website.


  3. June says:

    Can’t wait!

  4. DallasE says:

    What June said!

  5. Thanks, June and Dallas.

    Baba – I hope this is one you do like. It’s going to have to wait a while for GR. It’s not like anyone can review it yet. The last thing I’m going to do is try to tweak the cover a little. Right now the dog doesn’t match the description in the book, and while I know that’s not the end of the world, if I can remedy that, I will.

    ~ Ellen

  6. Barbara Wadman says:

    Ellen, I am so waiting for your new book!! Definitely want the paperback book–I do obtain some e-books, but my “keepers” are always in print. Looking forward to a great read.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ellen,

    Great news! I’ve been waiting very patiently since you put out the teaser on your new book. Loved it already. Do us all a favor and release on the weekend so we don’t have to sneak off work to read it.

  8. Morgan says:

    I am very much looking forward to Beautiful Bad Man! Thank you for the update Ellen – I’ve been stopping by here often to see the status of your new book! And congratulations on Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold. It is a great, well actually beyond great, book.

  9. Rosheen says:

    Yah thanks for the update. I did one of my very few book reviews on eyes of silver (very brief) with stars too. Glad it helped! It deserves good things. Cheers Rosheen

  10. MerviR says:

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for BBM. I’m now downloading books from Smashwords, so I don’t have to wait for the paper versions anymore. Sorry to hear about your ordeal with the ribbons.


  11. Thanks, everyone – I’m getting there.

    Rosheen – Particular thanks. I never reviewed much myself and once I published and found out the high level of cynicism over reviews by authors, I stopped completely, but I sure appreciate those of you who do review.

    Mervi, that’s great. In the two and a half years I’ve been doing this, more and more people who were paperback buyers and said they’d never switch have done just that. I’ve been an ebook fan from back in the 90’s when I got a Rocket Ebook. It was a great ereader but there weren’t enough books for it. Amazon and the Kindle really were gamechangers.


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