Guest on Regan’s Romance Reviews

I’ve done a guest post on Regan Walker’s blog that she says will be up about 10 a.m. California time today. If any of you who read here have time to pop over and take a look or even to comment that would be great. Regan has reviewed each of my romances and rated each 5 stars. She’s also got the books on her lists of favorite westerns.

Someone who comments will receive a gift of whichever of my books she chooses, but should anyone who already has all my books win, I’ll give that person a gift certificate.



2 Responses to Guest on Regan’s Romance Reviews

  1. Kristin says:

    Hi Ellen, i bought all of your books and Im wondering if you have something new coming out soon? Or perhaps a continuation of any of your books?

    Im sorry for writing here but it seems the email portion of your website is unavailable.



  2. Thanks for letting me know, Kristin. I’ve sent you a private email. ~Ellen

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