Happy New Year!

Okay, I admit I’m rather late with that sentiment. I also admit I haven’t been doing much writerly stuff lately. I have a good reason though, and here she is —

Under DeskInBarnDoor

Her name is Story. Admit it. Even if you don’t like dogs, even if you don’t like Rottweilers, she’s cute as the dickens. For me she’s the end of a two-year search for a puppy to take over where my beloved Schara left off when she retired. For those who don’t know, I’ve been involved in Rottweiler rescue for more than 15 years and still am. Right now I have two rescue boys, Ruff and Victor.

However, I have a competitive streak a mile wide, and once injury put an end to my work with the horses, I was wide open to the lure of competing with dogs. So after a similar but shorter search, I found Schara, and there is still a part of me that hardly believes a dog could do the things she did for me.

It’s not that a rescue dog couldn’t do well in the kind of competition Schara and I did, and there are more and more venues that allow dogs without registration to compete, but my rescues have always been the ones not easily adoptable and not good candidates for competition. Ruff came to our rescue organization as a puppy and was such a scaredy cat I worried about fear biting. Victor, as those who follow this blog know, came to rescue with a heartworm infestation that had caused enlargement of the heart. He’s also a soft dog without the confidence that makes a good competition dog. So — Story.

She came from a local litter, and of course I went and visited puppies regularly from the day they were old enough to be visited. Not only did I stop thinking about writerly things from then on, but since I brought her home…. Well, anyone who’s had a new puppy knows how that goes. I worry the two of us may die of Bitter Apple toxicity before she gives up chewing on rugs, furniture, my clothes, and me.

In the meantime, Regan Walker emailed me that she put one of my heroes on her Favorite Heroes list. Without looking, I knew that would be Cord Bennett from Eyes. I think I’ve admitted in the past I sometimes get pouty on behalf of the other books over Eyes. Illogical, but there it is. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see not just Anne Bennett on Regan’s favorite heroines list, but Katherine Grant from Dancing too.

Yesterday I had one more piece of proof that I have some truly wonderful readers. A reader in the UK emailed me to let me know that when she downloaded samples of both Sing My Name and Beautiful Bad Man, she got the whole book. Eek! She not only let me know, she went ahead and purchased both books. I got on to Amazon as fast as I could, and they’ve fixed the problem. For all I know this has been going on with Sing for all the two years it’s been out. I never thought to download my own samples and check, but I sure will in the future. The email I got from Amazon after the fix said they regenerated the samples but couldn’t control the size, and it seems to me the new samples are very short and may give people the idea the books are much shorter than they are, but I suppose I’m happier with that glitch than with the unsung giveaway.

So Happy New Year — late but from the heart.



9 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. MerviR says:

    Happy New Year Ellen and all other readers here! Congratulations on your new friend. She’s so cute! I completely understand why you haven’t got time to write or do much anything else. But they are babies for such a short time, which is both good and bad, I guess. So enjoy!


  2. Thanks, Mervi. Yup, she’s 10 weeks old today and already half again the size she was when I brought her home. She’s also beginning to understand some rules and settle into a routine. I’ve managed to write a couple hundred words the last two nights! ~Ellen

  3. McD says:

    From one dog lover to another, Story’s gorgeous! I hope she fits in well with your home life and dog life, Ellen!

    And hope 2013 treats you and your pets well!

  4. Thanks, McD! I always said I never wanted a puppy in the winter, and boy was that thought right. In my mind January is the worst month in Colorado, when we get the subzero temperatures. I was lucky in that the first weeks with Story we had pretty decent temperatures, but this last week, sure enough, sub-zero. She already had the idea of going outside, but it was still ugly, and the problem was more me than her. I’d think it’s time to get her out and then procrastinate because I didn’t want to brave the cold, and whoops.

    We’re back to good weather again today, and I’m afraid to look at forecasts and see how long it’s supposed to last. I think the cold is worse than a blizzard, but when the snow comes, I’ll probably change my mind.

    She IS cute. People who read here are probably going to have to endure more proud puppy owner postings.


  5. Noreen says:

    Congratulations on Story – and what a great name! She is adorable. I haven’t been on your blog in a while so I didn’t realize you named (and kept) Victor, but I’m glad to hear he made it through the treatments just fine. I do collie rescue and just sent a puppy on to a new home. Wow things are quiet around here all of a sudden. I didn’t know you had another book out either. I’m so glad I checked back in. I’ve just started it and am loving it. Keep them coming :).

  6. Noreen says:

    Oh, P.S. I listen to audio books all the time – while I’m cleaning, cooking, even mowing the yard :). I belong to Audible, but honestly I get most of them through the local library system. I have to concur that the reader can make or break a book for me. I hate it when accents sound fake (there seems to be a lot of fake British accents done in the ‘romance’ category). I’ve listened to some amazing males who did the female parts very well, but by and large I prefer a female voice over a male’s. The female voice can typically pull off a male voice better than the other way around.

  7. Hi Noreen – Good to hear from you again. I’m considering ways to let people sign up for notifications of new releases. Doing that has worked it’s way to Top 3 on my to do list (along with figuring out what’s necessary to get an audible book out).

    Yes, Victor stayed with me. He’s not a very adoptable boy because he’s small and pretty obviously has something other than Rottie in there. Our group has to struggle to get the ones who are mixes adopted under the best of circumstances, but an older boy (he’s 4 now) who’s been through HW, small – well, that’s not what people contact a Rottweiler rescue group thinking of adopting. Puppies like your recent foster are the ones who find homes quickly. But I really took a shine to Victor during the months of his treatment, so he’s my boy now.

    Yes, it’s been quiet here. There’s really not much to post between books and that’s where I am right now. I’m doing something I didn’t think I could – working on both the next romance and the mystery at the same time. My original theory was do so many words on each one each day, but I find what I’m doing is working on one until I get stuck and then rather than doing nothing for days while I think about it, I turn to the other one. Maybe it will help things progress faster. We’ll see.


  8. Anonymous says:

    if she still chews, try some tabasco sauce as a last resort. bitter apple didn’t work for mine (she ate the window sill 🙂 ) but two tastes of the sauce and she was cured. She is a cutie though and makes me miss my Rottie. good luck with her.

  9. Hi Anon – You are right about the Tabasco Sauce. I discovered it with my first Rottie many years ago. I have the large size bottle of it sitting on my desk right now. It is a last resort, though, because of the way it stains and because of how vicious it is for the human involved. For instance, right now I have shoe laces covered with the stuff. And of course half the time when I tie my laces in the morning, I forget what I’ve touched and if I then touch my face or go to eat something with my hands before remembering to wash them…. Oh, well, this too will pass. She’s already a lot better than she was just a couple of weeks ago. ~Ellen

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