Thanks, Signer Uppers

After spending the day thinking the whole notification idea was a lost cause, and no one had signed up, I finally remembered that I set the Mailchimp thing up so my notification of subscribers would come to my laptop, not the desktop I worked on all day. Thanks to all of you who have gone ahead and signed up.

If any of you read the wording in the sign up box to the right you already noticed it says “…and exclusive access to future short stories.” Maybe I need to change that wording to make it more accurate, but last night I decided not to go into the whole idea until I actually had another short story written. I don’t have one written, but since I forgot to delete the short story reference, I’d better explain.

My only short story to date is Rachel’s Eyes. From what I can tell by comments in other places by short story writers, it’s been pretty successful measuring by sales, especially since it’s always been free on my website. The fact is, though, that because a fair price for a short story is low, and that means the Amazon royalty rate is low, I don’t even count the short story sales in with the books. On the reader side, without counting them up, I believe the majority of the relatively few reviews on Amazon and Goodreads say “too short,” even though I have short story in the title and all but up in lights every way I know how.

All of which is to say, in spite of the fact I have a couple of ideas that seem pretty decent to me for additional short stories featuring characters from Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold, the incentive to write them has been very low. I have decided that if I write more, they won’t go up on Amazon individually. I’m going to let them gather dust until I have enough to make a collection that isn’t “too short.” In the meantime, I’m going to make them available as they’re finished to those who sign up for new release notification. They’ll be on a password protected page on my website, and notification of the release of the story and the password will go out to those signed up.

So I need to change my wording from “exclusive access” to something that indicates exclusive immediate access but will have to think how to say it for a bit.



11 Responses to Thanks, Signer Uppers

  1. Barbara Wadman says:

    Ellen, In your post you asked those of us interested to sign up for notification for short stories. Not being very technologically educated I wanted to sign up but there was no box to the right. All I saw was a URL designation. Was that what you meant?

  2. Hi, Barbara – I think we’re talking about the same thing. There’s a little paragraph of text in the upper right-hand corner of the blog under the blue bar that says NEW RELEASE NOTIFICATION. Yes, it links to something and that’s the little sign-up form. ~Ellen

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi just wondering if there are any new novels coming., Dancing on Coals, one of my favorite novels, Loved Katherine and Gaeton,best part the Epilogue

  4. Hi Anon – I’m glad you like the Afterword to Dancing. My first readers gave feedback on the original version, I redid it, and I’m quite proud of the result myself.

    There will be at least one new romance this year, but don’t ask me when because if I say, it will be wrong. I’m working on it right now and have close to 20,000 words of a rough draft (so maybe 20%). It was not something I had in mind even as recently as last fall, but I originally thought Beautiful Bad Man could use an Afterword too, and I spent hours gazing into space trying to think of something. After the one on Dancing that was IMO rather unique, I didn’t want to tack the standard she has the baby type thing on the end. I never came up with an Afterword but did come up with a whole new story. It will be my first sequel and as of now is untitled.


  5. Marnie says:

    Hi Ellen, I keep checking back to see if you have finished Rottweiler Railroad. Loved Rottweiler Rescue so much. I think you had more great Amazon reviews on RR than on most of your other e-books. I just subscribed to your blog hoping to hear if you do another Rottweiler book.

  6. Hi Marnie – Yes, if you subscribed to the blog (or to the New Release Notifications), you will hear when Rottweiler Railroad comes out. I’ve been working on it again these last months along with another romance, so theoretically I’ll get it done this year. I know there are people like you waiting.

    You could say that Rottweiler Rescue has the best reviews in the sense that, at least on Amazon, it has nothing lower than a 3-star review. However, Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold leads the pack in numbers, and Dancing on Coals has done the best for rating average.


  7. Rhonda says:

    Hello Ellen O’Connell…such a pleasure! I’ve just completed Beautiful Bad Man. Love it. I’ve read (and reread) all of your books, in sequence, as they’ve been released. I am a true fan…and ever grateful to my daughter-in-law for introducing me to Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold as a starter. Half of my family is from the west…Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona…and my other half from Ohio where they raised horses. I love how you write balanced and solid man-woman relationships, love their strength. I have such appreciation for your explicit knowledge of pistols, rifles, horses and hardship. I am so grateful you are a writer. Can’t wait for your next work to be available. And, then the next. Cheers to you … Salut!

  8. Ellen O'Connell says:

    Hi Rhonda – Thanks for stopping by. You say such complimentary things, it could quite turn my head, but even if it does for a while, like most writers, I suspect, the worry that the next book will be the one that readers look at and think, Uh oh, she’s lost it,” always crops up and brings me back to earth. ~Ellen

  9. Rhonda says:

    I’m a choreographer. That’s the worry we all have who make things that didn’t exist before — but, inevitably the new thing has elements of what makes it our signature. Press on. You have it in you. I’ve seen and read it. 🙂

  10. R – Hope you’re right. Pressing on is the only way to find out, isn’t it? ~E

  11. Rhonda says:

    Yep. 🙂

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