Thanks, everyone — and if you’re curious…

Thanks to everyone who pounced on the new book. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I know that most of you just want a good read, but for those who might be interested in a small insight into indie publishing—

When a book first comes out like this, a rash of purchases in the first days drives it up Amazon’s rankings on whatever lists it is on (indies only get to choose 2, and I chose Historical Romance and Western Romance for Into the Light). That, of course, makes the book visible to readers who didn’t already know about the book and who aren’t already fans. However, even more important, for the first 30 days a book is out, it is eligible for the Hot New Releases list. Since that list is smaller, it’s easier for a book to get high on it, and that makes for even more visibility to potential new readers. So extra thanks to all you early purchasers. Not only do you help me pay the bills by your own purchase, but you help other readers discover my books, which of course I need in the long run.

Bumps in the Road: I’m getting emails and seeing posts here and there about problems people are having finding the book. The lesson for me is that next time when I send the new release notification, I’ll try to make sure I can include a link to the ebook product page. Right now the problem seems to be that the paperback is now out on Amazon, and a search that does not specify Kindle books only, brings up the paperback, and since the two are not yet linked…. I believe this link will take you straight to the ebook product page:

Into the Light

I’ve already sent a request to Amazon to link the paperback and Kindle versions. They usually get it done on their own in a few days, but I decided since people are eager and having problems, to go ahead and make the request now. I’m sure things will all smooth out soon, but thanks again to those of you who aren’t waiting and who are zooming over the bumps in the road or traveling around.



One Response to Thanks, everyone — and if you’re curious…

  1. Gwen says:

    It was wonderful as all your stories are. I’m ready for another!

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