Happy Surprises

I meant to do this post yesterday but something diverted me. So a new comment on the last post beat me to the news. (Thanks, Anonymous.)

For those of you who followed up on the AAR Top 100 list I talked about in my last posts, you saw that sadly once again LaVyrle Spencer’s Morning Glory was the sole Americana representative in the Top 100. However, if you follow AAR blog posts, you saw a few days later a post showing what happened if they manipulated their votes in various ways. One of those ways was to compile the list by authors instead of by individual books. Needless to say, when a Lisa Kleypas or Mary Balogh then only gets one mention as an author instead of half a dozen for individual books, others with fewer votes suddenly show up.

And, sitting at #68 on that alternative “Top 100 Authors” list, ta da, drumroll please, is me! Last, the hard-working AAR volunteers went a step further and compiled a list of the next 100 books. Happily, there are a whole lot more Americana books in that second hundred, including several of my own favorites. And, ta da, ta da, two or more drumrolls, notice #126. Yes, there it is. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold. I confess what most amazes me are the names both right above and below. What distinguished company. I am, well, amazed.

Considering the number of books they say all received one vote, I know it took quite a few votes to achieve such amazing results. Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to submit a ballot and to include Eyes or one of my other books on it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.



6 Responses to Happy Surprises

  1. Rosheen says:

    Well deserved but closer to number one would have been my choice:)

  2. mesadallas says:

    And well deserved it is. Congratulations, Ellen.

  3. Patricia Patterson says:

    Congratulations! I am delighted for you. The honor is richly deserved. I am glad I took the time to vote and proud tobsay I helped. Happy Thanksgiving. You have much to be thankful for. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. McD says:

    Congrats, Ellen! An amazing result considering you’ve only been publishing a few years with only a handful of titles under your belt.

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    McD, it is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I sometimes look at Eyes and wonder – will I ever write anything that provokes that kind of reaction again? (Meaning, of course, the positive reaction. I could provoke the negative reactions again in a heartbeat. 🙂 ) ~Ellen

  6. McD says:

    “will I ever write anything that provokes that kind of reaction again?”
    Ha! So glad you qualified that, Ellen! 🙂

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