Reviews and More AAR

When I sent the link to Luke’s Eyes, I thought (and probably mentioned here) there would be no way for anyone to really review. Wrong. Someone started a page for the novella over at Goodreads, so if any of you want to do a real review, you can do it there. If you decide to do that, say you hated it, say you loved it, say you were indifferent, but please by all that’s holy, don’t say “too short.” 🙂

In the meantime, I have been remiss. AAR sent me another email asking me to help spread the word about their Annual Romance Reader Poll for Favorite Books in 2013. I’ve been thinking I’d do that soon and all of a sudden it’s almost too late. The poll closes at midnight January 26th, so if you’d like to do that, you need to do it a whole lot more swiftly than I posted this information. Last time, if you remember, their poll was for favorite romances of all time. This one is specifically for your favorite released in 2013.

Their current blog post has AAR reviewers talking about their favorites of the year. Into the Light got a runner up mention from one reviewer. So yay!

Their blog post previous to that made me sit up and realize I should pay more attention to the opening and closing of their Special Title lists. That post references their lists for American Indians, Animals, and Time Travel. Time Travel is out of my realm, of course, and some kind person or persons nominated Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold and Dancing on Coals for the American Indian list. However, Early from Beautiful Bad Man isn’t one of the pitifully few listed on their Amazing Animals list under American Historical/Frontier Romances, and I think he should be, so I need to stay awake and notice the next time that list is open for nominations.

This is the second time recently I’ve seen Eyes mentioned somewhere as a Native American or Indian romance, and I do understand why and after thinking about it agree with the categorization. However, I must admit I never thought of it that way when writing it or since. Yes, Cord was subject to racist attitudes and violence from others, but his mother died before he knew her, his father’s family raised him, and he didn’t have any background in his native heritage. To me Native American Romances are stories like Dancing on Coals. But I also never thought any of the problems in the Bennett family had anything to do with racism, and some reviews show me that others perceive that. Sometimes it still amazes me, but I do see that when each of us read the same book, each of us reads a different book.



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