Green Romance

Thanks everyone who voted in the AAR Frontier/Western poll. I confess seeing Eyes on that list would not have surprised me. Eyes and Dancing would have a little but not a lot. The results they posted did surprise me a lot.

The books I voted for did pretty well. Two of my ten I knew had no hope of making the list, but I couldn’t resist voting for them anyway. Of the other eight, I think four made it to the Top Ten and three were in the next ten, so I was only disappointed over one. And before you ask, Jo Goodman’s The Last Renegade.

Right now AAR is updating their Special Title listings, and I couldn’t help but see right on their home page the six of these that they’re doing now:

(1) Green Romances; (2) Friendships; (3) Two-Hanky Reads; (4) Best Enemies; (5) The Limelight; and (6) Cross-Dressing & In Disguise.

I think I’ve mentioned here before the friend who says I have a plodding linear mind (and doesn’t mean it as an insult; his mind works the same way). My mind is also pretty literal, so if you want a snicker, I’ll admit I saw this and thought Green Romance?  What the heck is a green romance?

In the horse world where I spent so many years, a green horse is one that’s just broke. At horse shows they have classes for Green Hunters, and green is specifically defined by limits on amount of experience. So that’s where my mind went first. Virgin hero and heroine?

Then again, being of Irish descent, I think of green as having to do with Irish, and the heroine in Without Words is Irish in a time of considerable anti-Irish prejudice. So Irish romance? Didn’t seem likely.

Finally I hit on environmentally themed romance, and yup, that’s it.

(2) and (3) were easy, although (2) was a little more expansive than I expected. (4) is narrower than I expected if I got it right in my quick read. No feuding families, the H/h need to hate each other. I’ve started a lot like that, but I haven’t finished many.

(5) is pfft for me. I somehow missed the gene that makes people want to read about celebrities. If I see a favorite author has written a book featuring someone supposedly famous, that’s a book I skip.

(6)? Now instead of snickering, you can laugh out loud. I read only the “Cross-Dressing” part and didn’t notice the “& In Disguise” part, and I’m thinking, boy, they’ve been reviewing a lot of gay romance lately, but a whole category for cross-dressers?

See? Plodding linear, literal mind.

~ Ellen


4 Responses to Green Romance

  1. Rosheen says:

    So not alone in the plodding linear mind for number 6) I’m usually outside the square which is one of the reasons I like and appreciate your great writing (linear mind or not). I’m going to have a look at the AAR list they came up with to see how my voting went. But no suprises the eyes and dances would be there (they better be 😀)
    Cheers rosheen

  2. Rosheen says:

    Just checked the AAR voting for frontier western. Well done Ellen!

  3. DallasE says:

    I wasn’t surprised at the results of the poll. I’ve become a “fangirl” of your work Ellen. Any time that I’m feeling “ugh” about trying to choose a book to read, I know that I can just go back to one of your books and all will be well. Thank you…..

  4. June says:

    Didn’t you do well! I am so delighted for you, congratulations. I love your books, lovely stories, lovely characters and the added bonus of no typo errors and spelling mistakes which happen so often in ebooks. Can’t wait for your next book. I am taking my kindle with me on holiday and I am sure to be re-reading some of your books while I am away. Well done Ellen.

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