Thanks, Everyone

Thanks, everyone, for all the pre-order, regular sales, and borrowing support. So far, Without Words is having a very successful launch.

When you all post about how much you’re looking forward to a new book, it makes me nervous. It’s so easy for something highly anticipated to disappoint. That makes me extra appreciative of all the comments here, emails, and reviews on Amazon and places like Goodreads saying you did enjoy Bret and Hassie’s story.

Oh, and Happy belated Birthday mesadallas!




9 Responses to Thanks, Everyone

  1. Gwen says:

    I’m savoring it. I have it on my Kindle and look at it often, but I’m reading every other book I have to read with the happy knowledge that I still have an Ellen O’Conner book to read.

  2. mesadallas says:

    Thank you , Ellen! Didn’t get the horse I was hinting at but I did get a beach cruiser bike that I’ve been racing around the neighborhood on.

  3. Mary says:

    Gwen how can you restrain yourself. I’ve already read it – twice – and loved it more the second time. Another winner Ellen. Thank you!

  4. Aww, mesadallas, too bad about the horse, but let’s face it one of those can’t be parked in the garage and ignored when you’re busy. The bike has advantages.

    Twice, Mary? I wish I could clone you. I’m like you, though, not like Gwen in that I have no self-restraint. If it’s in my hands and I want to read it, eat it, look at it, I’m going to do it. When I was little I used to read under the covers after lights out with a flashlight.

    ~ Ellen

  5. Ina M. Ish says:

    Thanks Ellen, have been really enjoying your books! A breath of fresh air!

  6. Hey, Ina, it’s good to see you here and thanks for the comment. I admit, however, I would have bet against you ever reading a romance. 🙂


  7. Mary says:

    Hi Ellen – I was wondering about how and when you choose names for your characters. Do the names come to you as soon as a pot comes to you or do they emerge and perhaps change as your characters develop. Sterling and Petty seem particularly pertinent in Without Words although Hassie’s initial thoughts on them proves ironic; and Bret and Hassie discuss her first name. Do your characters come to you complete with names and do they come first or does the plot come first?

  8. Hi Mary – It’s happened both ways, and I’ve experimented. For Eyes, for instance, he was always Cord, but I had to decide on her name, and at one point I remember doing Find and Replace on both their names to see what would happen if I changed them. It surprised me how much my perception of their personalities changed when I changed their names. There’s a reason romance writers call their heroes Studly and their heroines Femina.

    I remember thinking carefully about a name for the heroine in Dancing because I wanted it to be a strong name, yet Gaetan was always Gaetan. He just came that way.

    Hassie first popped into my mind as Hassie. Several people early on said they didn’t like her name, but I wasn’t willing to change it when she came that way. Bret I named.

    The play on the names of Sterling and Petty actually came after they already had those names. I originally just slapped Petty on her as a last name from a list of Civil War soldier names and was going to change it later, but after the play on their names occurred to me, I gave up that thought. That’s something I learned to be careful of – you slap some name on someone just to get going and after awhile it becomes part of that character, and you can’t change it. Or at least I can’t.

    Sterling was originally the last name of the Stewart family in Sing My Name, but after that book was done I looked at it and decided it was too good a name for secondary characters, and I saved it for a hero, but Thad Stewart is still to this day Thad Sterling in my mind.

    It’s kind of like titles, I guess. Some come easy and some are work. When I wrote Dancing some of the minor Apache characters had names like Friend and Friend’s Husband right till the end.


  9. Tracey Haszard says:

    You probably hear this all the time but you are an amazing writer. I am hooked on your books. Thanks. Tracey xxx
    PS please write more! 😉

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