This site is for discussion of not only my own books, but hopefully for discussion of historical romance, historical facts of interest and anything else that may strike participants’ interest.

~Ellen O’Connell


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  1. MK says:

    Hi Ellen-
    Sorry the Amazon discussion turned into such a disaster. I had really been enjoying it. I’ll have to switch over to here. It really is an excellent book, and I think you should be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. I think if it were me I would just take a break from Amazon and let it all fade for a while. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, MK. I was crossing my fingers every day for a while there that that would be the day everyone would just quit it and it would die, but of course they just kept at it.

    It does look like it’s all fading finally, and in spite of what those people think, it doesn’t seem to have done any harm. It’s only the romance forums that are so bad, and I suspect only because of a dozen or so bullies. I also suspect there are a lot of lurkers who don’t like them any more than I do. The main Amazon Kindle forum is a relatively well balanced place.

    In the end they left me not feeling like curling up and going away but like thumbing my nose. I’m going to sit on that urge for a while.

  3. Paige says:

    Everyone who loved Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold as much as me can now go show their love at the Top 100 Romance Book Ballot and nominate Eyes
    Let’s all show our love for Anne and Cord!

  4. Hi Paige,

    Thanks for posting that. Even though I can’t take part, I’ll go take a look.

    Edit: I did go over to that site. Had never been there before and discovered their discussions. There’s actually a thread on Eyes over there with more than half a dozen posts and no one has popped up shrieking “shill” and other nasty things. Maybe the first post is critical enough to forestall that. Thanks again for making me aware of the site, Paige.

    The first post is from one of those who didn’t buy Cord’s brothers. It’s interesting how different everyone is. I come from a family where people are more than willing to hang onto whatever grudges and warped views of others they’ve developed because it suits them, and a lot of the family relationships in Eyes come from my own observations and feelings about my family. Just as a for instance, after reading the book, my sister said to me, “I am the brother, and he is scum.” In writing the book I never thought of the brother as my sister in disguise, but I’ll never convince her. Ellen

  5. Paige says:

    Who is the cover artist for your book Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold? I really like the cover because it’s so different from what I usually find on the romance covers nowadays. I bought Eyes in ebook but I’m gonna order the paperback because I think it will look great on my bookself.

  6. Great books! Just finished both of them on my new Kindle. Write more! I will read every book you write. I have never written to another author. Your writing is superb! Couldn’t put the kindle down.

  7. Wow, Linda. You’re a pretty good writer yourself. You sure made my day with a very few sentences. Thank you. ~Ellen

  8. markeitta conner says:

    i just finished sing and cant find the other ending im not too good at this computer so its probably easy to find. but i want to read the other ending about carter i loved the book also eyes was great. when is the next one markeitta

  9. Hi Markeitta, Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Sing. The Afterword about Carter is on my website: http://www.oconnellauthor.com. If you still can’t find it there, I’ll email it to you.

    My goal is to have the next romance out near the end of this year. ~Ellen

  10. April Carter says:

    Thanks to a tornado and an endless stretch of power outage (well it seemed to drone on with my two young en’s driving me insane in the dark… just kiddin’…) I purchased Sing and could NOT put it down. I’ve had my Kindle since Christmas and have read many many books but this was by far my most favorite. Sarah and Matt are my Edward and Bella πŸ˜‰ I love your writing style and can’t wait to read Eyes, which i have recently discovered I already had the sample downloaded on my Kindle but apparently i had overlooked it. I will correct this oversight immediately when I get another chance to read! And for the first time I’m going to post my critique on Sing on Amazon, giving it 5 stars and as many words of praise I can muster! Keep them coming!!!

  11. Hi April and welcome,

    I’m glad you made it through the tornado with nothing worse than a power outage. If I ever had to suffer through a tornado, I’m sure fear would turn me into a gibbering idiot.

    Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed Sing so much. Hope Eyes affects you the same way. And thanks for leaving a review on Amazon – I hope you become a regular reviewer. All authors appreciate readers who make that effort.


  12. Jody says:

    I really enjoy the way you tell a story, Ellen. I am on my second reading of “Sing” right now and have lost count of the times I’ve read “Eyes”. I am ready for your next book! Have you posted any info about it yet?

  13. Hi Jody – Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like the books. No, I haven’t put out info about the next romance. It will be out late this year, and once the first draft is complete, I hope inspiration for a title will hit, and I’ll work up a description and start releasing information. Just FYI, the titles for both Eyes and Sing came after the books were substantially complete. For Eyes I had to change Cord’s and Anne’s eye colors to make that title work, and for Sing, the idea for Matt’s words that give the book the title came after the book was done.


  14. Marcia Montoya says:

    Western Romance novels are my absolute favorite and truely….you and Kaki Warner are my favorite authors. I so enjoyed the books that the only bad thing was when I finished and then, no more till the next one. My son bought me Eyes and Sing and I can’t really say whick I enjoyed more. My sister in law recommended them to me. HURRY PLEASE!!
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.

  15. Hey, Marcia, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. A son who buys you books! Wow, you are the lucky one, and he’s unusual, I suspect. I’m zipping right along on the next book, but it’s going to be a few months still. ~Ellen

  16. Marcia Montoya says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I was thrilled that you took the time to answer me. What a treat! Both of our sons are generous to a fault with us and both in their 40’s. We are lucky. The minute I hear that your next back in the day book is out he will get another phone call from me since both my birthday and Christmas are towards the end of the year, piece of cake.

  17. Lorrie Moore says:

    Just a few more days I can not wait

  18. Marcia Montoya says:

    By chance is there a release date for DANCING ON COALS???
    Marcia Montoya
    I can’t wait!

  19. June says:

    Oh how I wish your books were available in paperback or hardback. My sister would absolutely love Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold but has no way of downloading it.

  20. Hi June – All my books are available in paperback. If you search Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold on Amazon, you see two editions – for Kindle and a trade paperback. ~ Ellen

  21. Jen Isaacson says:


    I just finished my third read through of “Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold” and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for writing it. It’s absolutely one of my favorite books (not just in the historical romance category either), and this is coming from a woman who reads at least 2 a week. I love the way you write; the dialogue is witty without running the risk of being too cheesy and entirely believable. I also really really appreciate that you don’t throw the characters together and have them making moon eyes at each other on the first page. Relationships take time, and even while under a page constraint it’s nice to see an author taking that into account.
    I also, on a personal note, have to say that the way horses are integrated into “Eyes” is spectacular. I have been riding for over 20 years, 10 of those in competitive cross country, and the way you describe the training of Cord’s horses really made me smile. I’ve even had to make my own ramps to get a touchy mare to load before (granted not onto a train!). The best part though was the race scene when Cord was coming off the bank – I read that and my heart was right there with him… though in my minds eye I was astride a grey Arab (who has sadly passed away). Been there, done that, and I agree – one of the scarier/stupider things I’ve done in my lifetime.
    Thanks for giving me that moment.

  22. Hi Jen,

    What a lovely note! I’m so glad you enjoyed Eyes and liked the premise. I do believe in lust at first sight. I just don’t believe it’s the same thing as HEA love.

    It’s also great to have other horse people remark on the accuracy of the horse aspects of my books. My first horse was a birthday present for my 5th birthday, and I’ve had horses ever since. Needless to say, I did some wild and outrageous things on horseback in my teen years that in retrospect I was lucky to live through. So I do have personal experience with the stomach-dropping uh oh. And I too have memories of the one special one. In my case a bay Morgan mare. She was mine from yearling to her death at 27, and I knew I was blessed every day of every year.


  23. June Breed says:

    I too have just re-read Eyes and Beautiful Bad Man and loved them even more third time round. I have all your books and have really, really enjoyed all of them. I would love to know more about Anne and Cord and their little boy. The short story about Rachel left me wanting more. I think Cord would buy Anne a sewing machine, they would build onto their house and have a litle girl……….

    You are a gifted story teller Ellen and I am so pleased you had that bet with you sister.

    Please excuse my ignorance but what is HEA love?


  24. My goodness, June, you have been peeking into my mind. πŸ™‚ I actually have an outline done for another short based on the characters of Eyes. This one will feature Cord’s nephew, Luke, but also catch readers up on Anne and Cord. It will have to wait until I get the next book out, which is a second Rottweiler mystery, so be patient.

    You subscribed to the mailing list, didn’t you? Only the people on that list are going to get shorts from now on until I have enough to publish in a book-length collection.

    HEA = happy ever after


  25. June Breed says:

    I am delighted to know about the short story and love the idea of a book of short stories. I shall look forward to it.
    Thank you for translating HEA…….. I am a bit long in the tooth for all the text-speak abbreviations, I always have to look them up on the internet!!!!
    Back to Cord, I love the scene when Cord arrives at Marie’s home and she tells him to leave or she will have him thrown out and Cord replies, “You don’t know anyone who could throw me out!” What a man, I just love him.

  26. Jen Isaacson says:


    My worst moment on horse back was less uh-oh and more OMG I’m going to die. Manged to break 3 ribs and tear my rotator coming off a nasty stone wall, which in retrospect I never should have tried to jump. Sultan (my special boy), in very typical horse fashion, came back and gave me the ‘why are you laying on the ground’ look and then stood by like a gentleman as I wrestled my way back in the saddle and took me the 5 miles home at a sedate walk. He was the first horse I ever road at the age of 6, was my babysitter until my angsty teenage years and became my best friend and co-conspirator until his death in ’07 at 28. He lived just long enough to be the first horse my, then, 2 year old son ever rode. I still miss him. Though now a days I’ve got a Morgan mare of my own to keep me on my toes.
    Anyway, enough about ponies. Looking forward to the new short with Luke, and Railroad as well when it comes out!

  27. Ah, June, our boy Cord definitely has the strong and silent thing perfected, doesn’t he? When I went back to write Rachel’s Eyes, I was afraid capturing him again would be hard, but he was right there, ready to ride again, so to speak. Now I no longer worry about going to back to any of them. They were each part of my life for long enough they’re there in my mind and not leaving.

    Jen – Hope you like the new stuff when it’s ready. It’s nice to have a few people here who read the mysteries too.


  28. mrembo says:


    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books and your story telling. I have been reading romance novels of all genres for years and years. When one has been in the game this long, it is so difficult to find good authors with good stories.

    Your books have been such a delight. I discovered them this summer and I am steadily reading your backlist and looking forward to your new release.

    In an era where romance novels means lots and lots of sex and less love story, finding your books has been like a breath of fresh air. (I have no issue with sex scenes which are tastefully done and support the story.) These days books pretending to be romance novels are full of sex scene after sex scene with something resembling a story thrown in between.

    I admire your style of writing so much that I am using you as my “how to write a novel” teacher. Your ability to develop the characters by showing us their development as opposed to telling us of their development is absolutely superb and this is what I aspire to.


  29. Hi mrembo – Thanks so much for letting me know you’re enjoying the stories. The romance genre is so large there’s room for everyone’s tastes, but I agree with yours. My taste runs to actual stories where things happen other than just lusting and you know what-ing. I also think you’re right that as we get older and have read more and more books, more and more of them start to have a been-there-done-that feeling. I know I’m a lot fussier than I used to be. ~ Ellen

  30. Barbara Hawkins says:

    I just finished rereading Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold and Beautiful Bad Man. What is going to be your next historical? I have read all your published novels that are listed on your site.

  31. Barbara – The one story you won’t find on my website is the novella, Luke’s Eyes. It’s a follow-up to Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold featuring the story of Cord’s nephew, Luke. Those who sign up for the mailing list get a link to it. It’s not published yet.

    The next thing I finish is probably going to be Robert’s Eyes, another novella, which features Anne’s brother, Rob. I once told some poor reader who asked about him I’d never do a story for him because he didn’t seem redeemable, but, well, time passes, and it’s what I’m working on.

    I’m going to do a blog post any day now about these Eyes follow-ons and what I’m going to do with them, which is also different from what I had in mind a year ago.

    The next full length romance novel will be the story of Jaime Rodriguez from Sing My Name and Charlotte who doesn’t have a last name yet. The title right now is An Interesting Woman.


  32. Barbara Hawkins says:

    How do I get a link to Luke’s Eye’s ?

  33. Look on the top of this page to the right. There’s a box headed SUBSCRIBE TO MAILING LIST. Click in that box and subscribe, and I’ll send you the link. I don’t send anything but notice of new books to my mailing list, so it’s not as if you’ll get pestered if you subscribe. πŸ™‚ ~Ellen

  34. Karla says:

    Hi Ellen, I just got done devouring 4 of your books, and I’m going to start another one tonight. I’m in awe…and I’m one happy reader.

    I was wondering if any of your books will ever be released in audio format? I would also like the link to Luke’s eyes if that’s still available for subscribers, please.

    Thank you for some truly incredible reads. ~ Karla

  35. Hi Karla – I really apologize that it took so long for your comment to get published here. Anyone’s first comment has to be approved. After the first time they should show up automatically, although a few have not done what they’re supposed to now and then. πŸ™‚

    After getting notice of your comment and reading it in the email, the Mail Chimp notice that you’d subscribed to my email list came through and I sent the download link for Luke’s Eyes, which at a guess made me think everything was cool. So I didn’t notice the comment wasn’t here until a little while ago.

    Anyway, I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. I do the same thing you are when I discover a new-to-me author I like and go right through their backlist. The downside to that, of course, is that it highlights any weaknesses that author has in reusing the same tropes or expressions, but usually that’s not enough to spoil things.

    As to audio – every time I say I’m going to or not going to do a particular thing, I end up changing my mind and making a liar out of myself, but right now, my answer is no on audio. I’ve looked into it several times, but it’s expensive to get into and most indies don’t report covering their costs for a long time. As a comparison, every one of my novels has been in the black in its first month, even back in 2010 when I first started.


  36. Barbara Hawkins says:

    I want to thank you for turning me on to Rosanne Bittner. She writes books like they use to write with a story and description and length. Her books take place in the old west which is my favorite setting. I went back and purchased all of her old books off Ebay and Amazon. They are not sex romps as so many are today. Too many authors want to use England as their setting and the early 1800s as their time period. Some were really good authors at one time especially Candace Camp aka Lisa Gregory. She wrote one of the best books ever, The Rainbow Season. I’m looking so forward to your next historical.

  37. Karla says:

    Hi Ellen,

    Thought you might enjoy seeing 3 short reviews for Dancing on Coals, they are featured on our blog today.

    Nearly done reading Without Words…another winner! Fantastic!

    Thank you ~ Karla

  38. I’m glad that discussion proved worthwhile for you, Barbara. You’d think the Regency period would be wearing thin by now, but I see no sign of the popularity of that setting waning. I enjoy some of those books, but when I think of the grinding poverty prevalent then, the way class was such a barrier to anyone getting out of their circumstances, etc., enjoying a story about the rich cavorting with servants waiting on them hand and foot requires deliberately ignoring some truths about the period.

    Karla, thanks so much for letting me know about the reviews of Dancing. It’s great that 3 for 3 liked it.


  39. Thai says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I am in love with your books. My favorite has to be eyes of silver, eyes of gold. I somehow stumbled on the fact that you have written Luke’s eyes. Is it available on Amazon yet?
    Keep up the amazing work!

  40. Barbara Hawkins says:

    When will you have a new book out?

    Sent from my iPad


  41. I’m glad you enjoyed the books, Thai. I see that you discovered the way to get Luke’s Eyes and subscribed to my mailing list. Thanks. I do plan to publish it as soon as I finish something else to send to mailing list subscribers.

    I’m sorry, Barbara, I’ve given up on predictions because mine are always wrong. I can say I’m almost through with the first draft of a yet-to-be-named novella that’s a sequel to Beautiful Bad Man and Into the Light. It won’t be published right away but will go out to everyone on the mailing list.

    After such a long time of non-writing, I thought starting up again with a novella would be easier. Wrong. I’m having a devil of a time getting the old and new relationship between Jamie Lenahan and Caroline Tindell right, and there’s more research needed for the story than I realized. However, I’m getting there.


  42. Rosheen says:

    Hi hope the rottie rehab is going well. Just a quick bowl check to see if Breaking the rules is on the publishing horizon? Hope all going well with you and your 4 legged crew

  43. Lee justice says:

    Love, love, love your work.

  44. Shari says:

    Hello, I am such a fan of your books. Your stories are so detailed, nuanced and refreshing that they are a pleasure to re-read. I appreciate how practical your scenes are; all the necessary/logical details are there, and no additional distracting details that don’t move the story forward. I am a scientist and I love how tightly written and real your stories are. I grew up on a farm and I appreciate the love for animals that come through your writing, especially when you also mention the chickens and barn cats, even if they don’t have their own names. I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.

  45. sabita says:

    Hi, Eyes of silver eyes of gold, is one of the best romance i have read. and yes i keep re-reading it. love between anne and cord is so beautiful which just keep growing through out the book. after reading Rachel and Luke eyes, i was wondering now since Ty is growing up, how would anne protect her son from the hate and people judgement. Cord’s life was not easy growing up. would love to read what you think about that in your future releases……

  46. Hi Sabita – Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed Eyes so much. I plan to write another 3 stories along the lines of Luke’s Eyes, one for Robert Wells (Anne’s brother, who I once told someone I could never write a story for because he wasn’t redeemable. Time changes all. πŸ™‚ ); one for Pete Bennett; and one where Anne and Cord deal with the Stones again.

    But Ty wouldn’t be an adult until well into the Twentieth Century, and while he may be mentioned in those stories, I don’t plan a story for him. I have thought about his life, and I think it would be easier than Cord’s, mainly because while the family would protect him, he wouldn’t be protected too much from knowing the truth the way Cord and his sister mistakenly were until some ugly incident exposed it all. Also, while prejudice would still be ugly in the early 1900’s, it wouldn’t be as bad as during and right after the Indian wars. If you think about it, Eyes takes place in 1885. Custer was wiped out in 1876. The Cheyenne and Sioux weren’t forced to reservations until after that, and there were Apaches still fighting until 1886.

    There’s still a lot of bigotry even today, of course, but it had to be at a peak during the time most people saw Natives as a real threat.


  47. June Breed says:

    I would love to know more about Anne and Cord.

  48. Susan says:

    Hello Ellen, I’m a new convert. I want to thank you for all the hours I’ve spent enjoying every one of your books. I had never heard of you, in spite of being a devout lover of romantic fiction, until I saw “Eyes” mentioned on some other authors website as one of their favorite reads. (Sorry, for the life of me, I can’t remember who that was!). It’s hard to be a lover of romance, because if you also like good writing, strong female protagonists, good plot and character development, etc, then 99% of the books out there are a waste of time. Your books are a shining example of the 1%. Thanks again……and keep ’em coming. ———– Susan

  49. Susan says:

    And ooooh! I just read one of your previous posts on this site……I can’t wait for your Jaime/Charlotte book! Please hurry…..now that I’ve read everything you’ve published, I’m back in the wasteland. (Not if hurrying would affect your usual quality, of course).

  50. DallasE says:

    Ellen, are you okay? I’m used to you going quiet for a spell, but over a year is worrying. Hope all is well with you.

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