This and That, Christmas 2016

December 24, 2016

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to write a post with tidbits of this and that and somehow always get distracted by other things and don’t get it done. But today is the day.

You may remember back when we were discussing favorites for some of the AAR lists, that I mentioned Candace Proctor’s Whispers of Heaven. McD recommended this to me sometime ago, and I was lucky to find it at the library. Whispers is not a Western novel in the way that Quigley Down Under isn’t a Western movie, and yet in the same way they really both are Westerns at heart. Both are set in Australia, Tasmania for Whispers.

I had to get it from the library because at that time it wasn’t available as an ebook, and I’d already stopped buying anything in paper. I don’t remember if it was even available in paper except used. The same problem is probably going to keep me from ever reading one of McD’s other recommendations, Beloved Savage, which isn’t in any library I have access to.

Anyway, I was following an Also Bought trail of something or other on Amazon, and there it was! Ebook. And reasonably priced. When I went to the page (I now have the ebook and liked it as much on rereading as the first time), I discovered that Penelope Williamson’s The Outsider, which has been available in ebook for some time but only at an exorbitant price I wouldn’t pay, was also available reasonably, so now I have it too.

It’s nice to see traditional pubs holding rights to older books like that get reasonable with pricing. Surely I’m not unusual in refusing to bite when an old book is priced like a new bestseller, and with traditionally published books, the library is often a solution.

Other than that, I’ve been trying once again to write a novella that I can send to the mailing list. Since I’m not done with it yet, I can’t say for sure I’m succeeding in keeping the story from taking off on an unplanned path, but so far so good. I even have a draft cover:


Other than that, I’ve been spending far more time than I’d like doing rehab on my youngest Rottie girl, Teagan, as she needed cruciate surgery. The hope is that putting in the time and effort now will enable her to do the rally, obedience, tracking, carting, drafting, and maybe barn hunt activities I had planned for her. Agility is out. Even if her surgically reconstructed knees could handle it, mine couldn’t. She’s only two, so we have time.

Finally, I thought you might enjoy a look at my Christmas tree. It’s only a little over a foot high, but it’s cuter than all get out, and the detail on it is fantastic. I wish I could post a higher resolution photo, but the large file size stops me. I think you can see it pretty well here, though.


Why I finally managed this post on Christmas Eve, I can’t say, but I will say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, to each and every one of you. I’m sure you all have your own family traditions—I’ll be indulging in mine this evening, nothing Western, but the annual viewing of Die Hard. Go ahead and laugh. If either Quigley or The Outlaw Josey Wales had a Christmas tree in it, things might be different.

~ Ellen